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by yane Yang Sales Manager
Common use of the reducing tee prone to each big industry, and in each big industry plays a very major influence, and occupied the very major position. Reducing tee in the temporary differences of category constantly promoted and used in common. So reducing tee has what characteristics? At the same time its use what size? Let us together to stop the understanding and study:
Reducing tee choose different kind of material made of dispute, the output of different kind of specifications and types of dispute, according to the standard of disambiguation kind of dispute stop production, to ensure that the output to disambiguation kind of dispute in the profession and the reducing tee box. The following is a detailed introduced about reducing tee characteristics:
1, reducing tee is belong to green building materials, has the characteristics of clean, non-toxic, can be used for pure water, drinking water pipeline system.
2, can avoid the pipeline corrosion of basin, bathtub, macular rust sorrow can discharge pipeline corrupt scale of infarction, decay resistance, not fouling characteristics.
3, reducing tee has the characteristics of low temperature, high pressure resistance, the pipeline water temperature up to 95 ℃.
4, heat preservation and heat insulation functions of reducing tee particularly strong cockiness, coefficient of thermal conductivity is only one over two hundred of metal pipeline, used for hot water pipeline heat preservation and heat insulation effects.
5, reducing tee is very light, the quality of the proportion was only one 7 of metal pipeline, at the same time its appearance is very beautiful indecent, its inner surface is very smooth, very soft luster. In addition, the reducing tee device is convenient and quick, choose hot melt connection, few seconds over, safe reliable.
Reducing tee practical scale wide, size from small to several millimeters, big to a few meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied. The ball turn 90 degrees, in into, exit should appear all spherical, and then cut off the movement. Three-way ball valve is a kind of old ball valves, mutatis mutandis, the category, it has itself unique to plan some advantages, such as switch without conflict, the seal is not easy to wear and open-close torque is small. Reduce the specification of performance of the device for such as license. With multiple inversion electric performance of the organization, can be completed for the relief of medium and regard to close off. The following content is introduced about reducing tee detailed practical size:
1, the reducing tee can be used in the hot and cold water pipeline system to live;
2, industrial water and chemical materials transportation and emissions can also take a reducing tee;
3, about the pure water, drinking water pipeline strange can also be applied reducing tee.

4, beverage and drug consumption conveying system can also be applied reducing tee.

Source: Zhejiang Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (

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