What are the Benefits of Using Colostrum as a Dietary Supplement?

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Colostrum is a type of milk that is produced by mammals when they first give birth. It is designed for baby’s first drink. Contained in the colostrum are a number of highly concentrated nutrients, as well as certain antibodies that can only be consumed outside the womb. In other words, it helps to boost a baby’s immune system in a way that cannot be achieved in the womb. This helps to set up a lifetime of protection. It is important for newborns to drink the colostrum because it ensures health. However, people are taking it as a dietary supplement – simply because it is so replete with nutrients and goodness.


Clearly, you’ve probably noticed a glaring problem: it’s illegal to buy human by-products. Well, the colostrum that people take as a dietary supplement does not come from humans, but from cows. Morally and emotionally, it’s the same as drinking any cow’s milk, except that it contains a greater number of nutrients. There is some controversy whether or not colostrum serves any benefit. The research is still out on this one, but people continue to take the supplement regardless. Below, we’re going to discuss some of the positive effects that people believe that they obtain from drinking colostrum.



Colostrum contains a number of antibodies. The claim is that they improve immunity defences against various bacteria, viruses, fungus and yeast. However, the problem here is that these diseases specifically affect bovine, rather than humans. There may be some overlap, though, and in this case, you do get some benefits. Whether or not it is effective as claimed has yet to be seen, but it certainly doesn’t cause any harm.



As well as protecting from viruses, bacteria, fungus and yeast, it also contains growth hormones. These are the basic building blocks of various internal structures, including the skeleto-muscular frame. It purportedly leads to faster healing times, better growth and a stronger body. It also helps to improve age-related problems: the degradation of cartilage and muscle; the loss of nervous tissues; the reduction in fat (which, by the way, is essential in maintaining a youthful appearance). It is also said to burn fat, which therefore increases our energy levels.



Colostrum is said to improve mood. It does this by introducing regulating hormones that help to balance our serotonin and dopamine systems. It is certainly not a ‘cure’ for problems such as depression and anxiety, but it can certainly do no harm, and at the very least may lead to a placebo effect, which is as important as ‘cure’. In fact, some experts claim that most antidepressants work as a placebo, rather than anything else.



Finally, it is said to have benefits in other respects. It is replete with vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health. It contains proteins, which help to keep us strong, supple and energetic.


Whether the claims are entirely true has yet to be verified, but it certainly does no harm, and at least has the benefits of milk.


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