Weld position in pipe of stainless steel pipe fitting

by yane Yang Sales Manager
The position of the line of stainless steel pipe fitting shall meet the following requirements;
Work) straight pipe spacing should be greater than 200 mm ring:
2) easy to check the parts of the pipe should be located in the longitudinal seam welded steel pipe; two longitudinal joints should be staggered butt;
3) stainless steel pipe fitting girth butt joint and the pipe frame distance should be greater than 100 mm, and the wall and the Board shall remain in the:
4) in the longitudinal and circumferential weld of stainless steel pipe fitting is not allowed on the hole and welding accessories.
Detachable piping installation, from one end to the other end in welding. Can also be segmented welding, we must also pay attention to minimize the deviation of stainless steel pipe fitting, fixed welding interface. In the pipeline not detachable for ease of assembly, in certain parts of the appropriate leave a few detachable short (sometimes is to install the valve parts) can facilitate the pipeline of the group of cleaning and inspection. No matter is dismountable and removable installation of pipelines, in the interface to the group prevailed, can not take compulsory assembly, otherwise it will make weld and non-standard flange connection uneven stress and damage.
The whole pipeline laying, should reach a certain angle according to the design requirements, in order to condensate drain. If the construction plans no regulation in general 2 / 1000 slope.
The pipeline wall, floor and roof should be added when the casing, with waterproof shoulder, waterproof cap device. Welds, non - standard flanges and so on should avoid the wall and the floor. Trench in the pipeline due to construction inconvenience, should be pre assembled in place, if necessary, it can be cleaned up, try to be in place after passing the test, so as not to deal with the difficulties of leakage.

The installation should pay attention to prevent the formation of air pocket and stainless steel pipe fitting. For example, the pump inlet pipe to form air bag, not exhaust pipe gas imports, it will affect the normal work of the pump.

Source: Zhejiang Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (

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