Wealth Management: What is it?

by Anita Guzman Marketing Analyst

Whether you want to admit it or not, money is a necessity in life; in fact, it is one of the biggest necessities in life. Banking, planning for and taking care of your finances is certainly an important aspect of handling your money, however, when you want to manage your assets and ensure that the money that you accrue during your lifetime is properly taken care of, you will want to look into wealth management. If you live in the state of Colorado and you want to properly take care of your financial future, you should certainly look into Boulder wealth management.

What Exactly is Wealth Management

While you may be saying, “Yes, I want to make sure that my finances and my financial future are properly taken care of,” you may also be scratching your head and wondering just exactly what Boulder wealth management is. In short, wealth management refers to a wide range of financial services that are offered to a client. These services may include, but are not limited to:

* Financial planning

* Investment management

* Retirement planning

* Estate planning

* Tax preparation and management

* Analyzing finances and creating a budget

* Assessing and managing debts

Put loosely, wealth management is the act of handling all aspects of your wealth by a group of trained professionals. With proper wealth management, your total financial assets are assessed and weighed. This includes analyzing and weighing financial decisions that include various aspects of your investment portfolio, including any real estate you may own, a business you may own and any charitable donations that you may make.

Do you Need Wealth Management?

You may be wondering whether or not you require wealth management. For some people, traditional banking and financial planning are suitable for handling finances. However, for other people, the process of properly handling finances may become too overbearing. When there is too much to consider and too much to manage, you may be in a position where you professional wealth management is a necessity.

In order to determine whether or not you are in need of professional wealth management, ask yourself these questions:

* Do you have too many financial concerns to attend to yourself?

* Do you own a business and there are far too many financial aspects to attend to?

* Do you want to make sure that your financial concerns, such as retirement planning, investment management and so forth, are properly handled, yet you don’t feel like you can do the job yourself?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it might be time for you to consider seeking the services of a professional wealth management service provider.

What are the Benefits of Wealth Management?

There are a wide range of benefits that are associated with wealth management. These benefits include:

Financial Services: A professional wealth management program will provide you with a wide range of financial services. These services include asset management, advice regarding investments, discussion and decision making of pension plans, planning of retirement and 401ks’s, planning for health needs and services.

Life Insurance: A wealth insurance company will provide you with competitive rates on various types of life insurance. These forms of life insurance include term, whole, variable and universal insurance. A professional wealth management advisor will be able to help you decide on the right life insurance for your needs so that you can ensure that your assets and your dependants are properly taken care of.

Private Banking: When you choose to work with a professional wealth management company, you will also enjoy the benefit of private banking. When you have a large collection of assets, you require more than basic banking; you require and deserve private banking services. With private banking, you will be able to schedule individual meetings with a financial advisor in order to discuss your financial needs. With private banking, you can make sure that your individual banking needs are being handled directly by a professional so that you can concentrate on the more important aspects of your life.

Mortgage Services: Whether you are looking to purchase a home or a business, when you take advantage of a professional wealth management company, you will be able to receive the highest quality mortgage services. A banker who specializes in mortgages will work with you in order to provide you with the right kind of mortgage to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a first time home buyer loan, a loan for construction, a jumbo loan, a fixed-rate mortgage, an adjustable-rate mortgage or any other type of mortgage service, you will be able to receive the right type of loan services when you work with a professional wealth management service.

Wealth management provides a wide range of benefits. If you have substantial assets and you want to make sure that your finances are properly cared for, you’ll want to consider receiving the services of professional wealth management.

About the Author: Bridget Galbreath is an author who has a great deal of experience with wealth management in Boulder and uses these services herself.

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