Vestige Of Art

by Muhammad Arif embroidery digitizer
Vestige Of Art

Khalil Gibran Said “Art is one step from the visibly known toward the unknown”. The definition and evaluation of art has become especially problematic since the 20th century. Art is the procedure or creation of consciously arranging elements in a way that appeals to the sense or emotions. It motivates thoughts, emotions, beliefs and ideas of an individual’s inner universe. It is also an expression of one’s inner world and it can take many different forms and serve many different purposes. It’s a way of expressing the curves of ones’ soul.

It includes a diverse range of creations and modes of expression, including music and literature. Art has existed for almost as long as human race. Art has always inspired people. Art has brought revolutions. It has made nations proud of their existence. It has changed the face of the world. Art doesn’t only need paint or brushes or a good sense of using techniques. It needs more than that. Art need the soul of an artist. Ancient civilizations were accustomed to use art as a way of making there civilizations immortal. But in modern time the whole concept has been changed. The importance of evolution can’t be denied but the extent to which it brings change shouldn’t be ignored. Now art is being approached by some highly sophisticated artists. It has been changed into a profession. Expensive art schools are teaching modern techniques to the students and providing skillful artists to the society. The efforts of these institutes are appreciable but my question is that is this art? Does art mean joining an art college, learning techniques and methods and holding a degree? It’s clear from the history that great artists didn’t even visited schools. Their souls were thirsty and art quenched their thirsts. Art is something to be found in one’s own soul, not in the institutes. Art has nothing to do with erudition or daintiness. Imagination is essence of art. It’s all about bringing one’s soul on canvass or playing tunes of one’s soul. It’s all about depicting our inner universe. It’s heart breaking to see true artists being wasted in the mob because of financial constraints. No such institution can be found who are searching for artists instead of students who can pay them well. The need of the time is that such institutes should be established that carve out diamonds from the coal mine. Artists should be promoted so that like other civilizations we also make our culture  immortal. Let us promote our Islamic culture and tell the west that we have a culture and at the same time we are capable of making it eternal. Let us learn art not buy it. Let us help people know their point of existence and let them fulfill their duty. Let us stop the exploitation of art and do art for art sake!

(mohammad arif ,lahore)

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