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Consulting and seeking Vastu for tips relating to the various aspects of a home like kitchen, toilet, and other areas of the structure and also for money and wealth is quite common these days. Vastu imparts a substantial standing to a person in every aspect of his life. Be it Vastu tips for money, Vastu tips for home, Vastu tips for toilets or Vastu tips for hotel, getting the right Vastu tips from an experienced Vastu personnel is highly important to make for a successful career and a successful life.  Dr. Chawla lays down Vastu tips in each of these categories which can be easily implemented in one’s life.

Vastu tips for money

vastu for money should never be kept stagnant; it should be yielding at all times. If, by any chance, there is a blockage of the flow of energies in your house, it would bring about stagnation in the flow of money in your life. Using multi-colored lights, ringing bells in all corners of the house, providing proper ventilation within the premises are all ways of improving this flow and letting the movement of money be smooth and rolling in your life.

Vastu tips for home

Vastu tips for home enable to build a positive environment in and around the premises. The first step towards building a Vastu-friendly home is to select the right plot which strictly adheres to Vastu principles. What makes for a perfect Vastu compliant home is the appropriate plot and then proper construction of the structure by keeping in mind the ten directions and five elements of nature in mind. Every room should be placed and build in the right direction in compliance with Vastu tips and rules.

Vastu tips for toilets

Vastu tips for kitchen specifies that the kitchen should always be positioned in the South east because that is the direction of the Lord of fire, Agnidev. In case this rule is not followed, it would lead to heavy financial losses, rift between family members and even health issues for the inmates. Vastu lays down principles for every room which should be strictly followed while getting it made. The water element should never be added to this direction as fire and water are anti-elements and mixing the two would lead to heavy disasters both financially and physically.

Vastu for hotels

Vastu for hotels specifies that hotels should always be built on a regular square or rectangular plot. Moreover, it should be located on a busy road and not in a deserted area. All the Vastu principles should be followed strictly pertaining to every room. The various departments as in housekeeping, room service, kitchen, lobby etc should all be positioned according to Vastu rules. Doing so will automatically lead to a flourished business for the hotel.

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