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by Chawla Chawladrpuneet Dr.Puneet Chawla Vastu Consultants Delhi

The domain of Vastu stretches to every kind of property or structure including Vastu for residential, office, showrooms, departmental stores and even open plots. Vastu Shastra for residential buildings need to be followed properly right from laying down its foundation to the construction of the building or else the structure would never turn out to be Vastu compliant completely.

Vastu advice for residential structures states that once the building has been built according to Vaastu principles, the next step is to add finishing touches to the premises in question as per Vastu Shastra advice for residential properties which would ensure all-round health, wealth and felicity for its owners.


Representing purity and stability, a Tilak is a symbol which ignites the ‘Ajna Chakra’ present between the eyebrows. It helps to store and reserve our intuitive powers for better memory and thinking capabilities. As per Hindu mythology, a Brahmin should apply a white sandalwood tilak on his forehead using his index finger as it signifies purity and peace. A Kshatriya should apply a red kumkum tika with the thumb so as to symbolize strength and stability. A Vasihya should smear his head with saffron tilak with the middle finger to indicate wealth and prosperity while a Shudra should use a black bhasma or vibhuti as an indication of his dedication to the other castes.

Similarly, a building can also be smeared with a Tilak to ensure longevity and prosperity. The tilak should be put right in the middle at a heightof about 6 to 8 feet above the ground level. The same can be done on all the doors excluding the bathroom doors. However, the color and material of the tilak depends upon what you want to achieve.

For peace and calmness, apply white sandalwood tilak.

For gaining confidence and for overcoming depression, use a red kumkum.

For accomplishing wealth and financial stability, use yellow saffron or turmeric

For eliminating negativity and evil, apply black bhasma.


According to Vastu principles, one should use swastika and aum symbols on the adjoining wall of the entrance door to ward off evil and avoid any kind of negativity from entering into the structure. Even the use of feet of Goddess Lakshmi or a U-shape (symbolizing Lord Vishnu’s footprints) is considered highly auspicious.


Brass screws should be used to hang decorative and pictures on the walls and not nails made of steel or iron.


Troubles and tensions would come for the residents of the building if its front courtyard is in a damaged or worn out state. Hence the front courtyard should be well kept at all times.


All the building walls should be well maintained and intact. The inmates would be vulnerable to litigations if the front wall is in a dilapidated condition.   

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