Using the Chinese balls

by Kwong Joy Herve Leger Dress
The Chinese balls are small weighted balls that can help strengthen the pelvic floor and New Popular Shrink Vaginal Luna Beads Sex Toys For Women. The Medical Center of the University of Maryland says that a strong pelvic floor muscles help prevent urinary and fecal incontinence. Some women begin to do these exercises and then pass Chinese balls or use vaginal cones to increase strength and make increasingly sophisticated exercises. Other women use the Chinese balls for vaginal stimulation or increase arousal . There are four basic exercises that can be done with Chinese balls. Balls -Exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor and are made with Chinese balls are called Kegel exercises . They are named by Dr. Arnold Kegel , who developed these exercises to their patients as a way to improve urinary incontinence , back the 1940s . Using Bolas Chinas Step 1 Isolates the pubococcygeus (PC ) muscle. This is the muscle working Chinese balls . Move your muscles as if you were trying to hold urine . The muscle you contract your PC muscle is . This movement you will do exercises with Chinese balls . You feel like you did pull or muscles will pull the pelvis to the lower back . Alternatively, you can find this muscle by standing a finger in the vagina and pressing down until you feel you squeeze the PC muscle. Enter Chinese balls . Find a comfortable, relaxed , sitting or standing position , and gently press the Shaki Hot Waterproof 10 Function Vibrating Rocking Ball into the vaginal opening. Stop right when fully inside, do not press it to the back of the vagina or near the cervix . Close your legs to help keep them in place while you prepare for the exercises. Step 3 Perform the exercise sitting . Sit with your legs still closed . Isolate the PC muscle and use it to try to move the ball from one side to another. If at first you cost Chinese balls move side to side , focus on compressing the balls and Keep them well for a few seconds and then relax for a few more seconds. Medical Center of the University of Maryland recommends these Kegel exercises 10 times, three times per day. Step 4 Perform the exercise standing . The exercise uses the weight of foot balls and gravity to make you work the PC muscle. Stand up and open your feet shoulder width apart . Use your PC muscle to keep the balls inside the vagina. If you stop getting the PC muscle, the balls will fall . Do this exercise three times a day , getting more and keep the balls in place for longer. Step 5 Perform the squat exercise . The squat exercise exercise combines elements of both sitting and standing . Place your feet as far apart as possible. Bend your knees slightly to get in a crouched position that is easy . Use your PC muscle for both Chinese balls put in place to move them back and forth . Get in a deeper squat position to make the exercise harder .  Step 6 Use balls during your routine activities. This exercise is similar to walking exercise . Use your PC muscle to keep Chinese balls in place while you do housework, while you take a walk or while taking a shower. Make sure you are strong enough to keep the balls in place so they do not fall in the potentially embarrassing moments . Step 7 Take your Chinese balls by putting a finger in the vagina, behind the first ball and gently pull down. Wash them with warm water and mild soap . Rinse well , and be sure to remove all traces of soap because soap can irritate the delicate Vaginal Smart Bead Benwa Geisha Lastic Ball For Women tissues.  What do you think these tips when using Chinese balls ? Have you experienced the benefits of Chinese balls? If you do not have your Chinese balls, or want to expand your collection of this beneficial sex toy, here's a wide range of beads of many different types and colors. Articles from:

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