Use YW1 tool of high hardness of the alloy steel processing

by Joe Simth it' me

YW1 cemented carbide cutting tool is my recent years commonly used for processing high hardness alloy steel cutting tools. High hardness alloy steel the hardness close to the hardness of high speed cutting tool materials,hardness in HRC61-65 or so within the scope of the steel materials, has high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance. In recent years has repeatedly cutting this kind of material, such as used when turning cutting carbide cutting tools and geometric Angle of metal materials, such as YG8 cemented carbide, tend to appear in front of the tool wear, sharply and soon burn out blade, cutting tool was badly damaged and cutting edge blunt, lead to cannot continue cutting.

Cutting tool material: YW1 cemented carbide cutting tool, use it hard to hard materials.

The Angle of 90.

Deputy Angle in conventional cutting 6 ~ 8 .

After the horn and vice, according to the rough machining, and strong to choose 5 ~ 7 cutting Angle.

Pick minus 6, blade Angle blade are at their lowest in a cutting edge, with the strength of the blade.

Take zero rake face, the main cutting edge and vice cutting grinding out negative rake Angle of 10 5 mm wide, two chamfering plane, vomit up the edges and extend to the tip. So the main cutting edge and the tip has been strengthened. While guarantee the blade sharp and increased the strength, did there are fixed on the principle of "in".

The characteristics of the cutting tool

This change of the Angle of cutting tool choice, based on the Angle of the commonly used tools, pay attention to the front blade surface, after the rake face of take zero, will be the main and vice cutting grinding out negative rake Angle of 10 , two chamfering plane 5 mm wide, two cutting edges and bump is formed after the intersection edges extends to the point, to strengthen both point and cutting edges, the convex edges effectively reduce the blade and the blade wear, improves the durability of cutting tools.



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