Urology Catheter Care Basics

by Sandy Zhu SEO

congratulations if you are watching this video you or someone you love is the
0:09 recent recipient of a fully Urology Catheter
0:12 we're gonna take a few minutes to talk about the Urology Catheter how to care for it to
0:16 keep it clean hydrated ticket for walks and since i have is we know nothing
0:21 about medicine
0:22 we have someone here who does nurse jennifer is here to talk about
0:25 the care and feeding of your foley catheter this is left only capitol looks
0:29 like
0:30 it's inserted at urinary threats that's in your bladder and we use it for a
0:34 continuance platter
0:36 uh... drainage after surgery
0:38 uh... we use that
0:40 to rest the latter
0:42 some people have a for a week some people have it for today
0:46 but nevertheless you need to learn how to take care of it because we can't
0:48 always tell you how long you're going to have a date
0:51 this capita is held in place
0:54 with a bowling
0:56 that's filled with water
0:59 as you can see
1:00 this prevents it from slipping out measure walking around we also have a
1:04 way to security lake
1:06 when it's time to remove the capital teach you how to deflate the spoon on
1:10 your own home so you can do this
1:12 on your own so what does that stand
1:15 this end is not used at all
1:17 this past year
1:19 will be xbox
1:21 you come out of surgery with us all attached are ready
1:27 these attacks like this and this is actually how it works
1:32 we take this first insecure this person
1:34 chiefy
1:36 and you're able to you're able to move this around a c_b_s_ is priya comfirm
1:41 and uh...
1:44 i want to let everyone know this lou
1:46 part here is not used by the patient whatsoever it's something for
1:50 a nurse or physician deus
1:51 promises they obtained specimens it's it's it's nothing that's important in
1:55 this goes down to the very good holds dear
1:58 it cracked and any real
1:59 uh... so you want to always watch this to and make sure that your training year
2:04 initiative continuously during your interview
2:06 it's better fear and select we'd like it to be light yellow color pale yellow
2:10 in the more fluid you drink the better that will of even more delay hearing
2:15 will be
2:15 if you're you're in at any time appears bloody
2:18 that means she needed wrinkle ott more fluids patient that has a capital should
2:22 if they're able to drink eight to ten eight-ounce glasses of water
2:25 mhm at least
2:26 a day
2:27 um... they can be water it can be gary can be juice we prefer to not have
2:32 caffeine or alcohol in it because they both
2:34 uh... caffeine is a lot of your tent
2:37 and they both to haiti hooker
2:39 sow's ear of some kind of pump that's going to pump tear down into the bag
2:42 does that work
2:43 known to your interests
2:45 uh... dreams for your bio that you doing anything you'll have the area shantha
2:50 urgency and frequency to go we can give you medications to calm that and you
2:55 just
2:56 disco go to curb the gravity does it
2:58 yes missus now the thing back after is when you have at home you'll be carrying
3:03 it from room to room right you need to make sure to keep this back below the
3:07 level of your bladder so that the year and doesn't backflow up india kidneys
3:12 you uh... blunder gravity works downhill relief
3:15 you know one of the walking around with it appearing on a walk
3:18 around with it by your side correct
3:20 if you're having a good year now put your drinking a lot you'll have to empty
3:23 this catheter
3:25 you're able to end it into a toilet on it we can give you a container to take
3:28 home
3:29 but you don't really need to measure how much you urinating you'll see the nurses
3:33 at the institute do that and that's because we put a lot of flitting in we
3:36 need to make sure it's comes out of you
3:38 and com you just want to make sure you put out about half cup of the year and
3:42 every four hours
3:44 if you're putting out lesson that there's many reasons for that
3:47 on if that can be because you just writer he did you not drinking enough
3:50 fluids
3:51 it could be at the capitol actually played off
3:54 mhm with a clot
3:55 on if you had a lot of leading
3:57 there could just be a problem itself with the catheter
4:00 that would be a reason to call us if you didn't see here in training for for over
4:03 a sort period of time if you've been drinking fluids of your speaking at the
4:07 film is not their savannah
4:09 cracked personal injury concludes doing are supposed to do
4:12 the bag is filling up in the handling your when it's time to drink
4:15 well the back it's quite heavy
4:17 you want a empty it pollinate hits the about the market which means one leader
4:22 it's fine and in the
4:25 you probably one aunty anna larry three or four hours
4:29 if you're going for a car ride it'll definitely lasts you know for many hours
4:34 india via without ente net that you could just pull over at a rest stop
4:38 uh... use the bathroom
4:39 and then uh...
4:41 go from that
4:42 user way that it can be over field is there a danger to them
4:45 now i don't think so
4:46 thanks you uid one mt eight like every three or four hours that should be
4:51 plenty it does hold overnight that's the advantage of having such a big bag is
4:56 that you can go to sleep for eight hours from and you just need and it before you
5:00 go to bed and then after you wake up in the morning so why don't we demonstrate
5:04 how to empty the catheter uh... so that everyone knows how to do that
5:09 so we don't have a twenty max to s so wen im taking care of the patient
5:14 i would kneel down at the bedside
5:18 now and i'm not gonna really pick it up this highly patients that but i'm just
5:22 going to demonstrate to you are doing for us
5:25 you don't need to be wearing gloves that hong you just wash your hands before any
5:29 watched your hands after
5:33 the city for the close before
5:35 yes many times
5:36 this karina
5:38 squeezing wrecker here
5:40 and that's just unable to you too easily take that to being out
5:44 and put it back in
5:45 that has no function at all
5:47 as far as the guinea ran out of the bag
5:50 this clasp on this site here
5:52 that is that what we unlock t_n_t_ veering into the back and when you're
5:57 done you need to be careful make sure it scratch set of alleged have leakage him
6:01 from so i a m going to do
6:03 push down lately on the clean up you don't have to bend it that's one of the
6:07 problems that we have a patient spending it
6:10 their is a
6:11 little button on the inside that lines up with
6:14 any dispersion
6:24 now you can do this every trail eight you can do it over a year and all you
6:27 can do it over any kind of a container
6:29 uh... it's actually good for the patient to get up and go into the bathroom
6:32 everyone saw because then they're moving your indicating some activity stiffer
6:37 that's part of the recovery process
6:40 let's talk a little bit about the color of the year
6:42 this
6:44 looks like it has a little methylene blue and it because we do you think i
6:47 was surgery
6:50 you want your urine to be pale yellow how amber
6:53 when you have a cap it's very common for there to be blood in your hearing it's
6:57 just that irritation
6:58 and so you wanna drink a lot of fluids to dilute you're hearing the other
7:03 problem people have is sometimes the passing clock
7:06 so you need to make sure that year and continuously flows
7:10 through this to being so that the clock doesn't abstracts and prevent year year
7:15 and firm
7:16 pending from your latter
7:18 if your year-end
7:20 uh... burgundy color that can be normal but that's also blood in there and you
7:24 needed flesh it out
7:26 as you drink more fluids figure and will become tinker
7:29 obviously on
7:31 that's not quite normal but know that if it's pink that's ok display drink lots
7:36 and lots of fluids
7:37 if your urine becomes thicker
7:39 like tomato paste some
7:41 work except
7:42 there's a problem and usually if you have a lot of blood new year and it's a
7:47 sign
7:48 that uh... you're doing too much into active media picked something up he
7:51 shouldn't have
7:52 so the first thing you like it was laid down get every kleiner cheering on the
7:56 couch in your bed
7:57 put your feet up and start drinking fluids you want to drink at least a
8:01 leader fluid at that time and then watch because after twenty minutes or so
8:06 it should begin training in it should
8:08 might not get better
8:10 weak and yes so if it doesn't if you still after twenty minutes you're
8:14 drinking lots of fluids you still don't see your in coming out are you worried
8:18 about being in a class you need to give us the cop if you're really concerned
8:22 you are to go in
8:23 com nine one one
8:24 for the emergency room
8:26 ordered zinc-air but if we are open during the day from eight thirty to five
8:30 you can give us a call and we can help you
8:33 you will be sent home with on irrigation supplies so if there's a lot of land and
8:37 your loved ones taken care of you
8:39 can help you irrigate the catheter

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