Three Steps To Bitcoin Investment

by Esther G. Online Self Improvement

Three Steps to Investing

Bitcoins (representing alternative currency, cryptocurrency, e-currency) are here to stay. Getting used to them is imperative.

Anyone who did not learn to use a computer when typewriters went obsolete cannot function in our 21 century world. Any one who stuck to landlines when cell phones took the world by storm probably lost touch with their network of friends and relatives. Anyone who insists on exclusively using snail mail with no email contact in this era will soon go out of business.

Anyone who does not learn how to open a bitcoin account and how to navigate between conventional and alternative currency will be committing financial suicide. Investing in bitcoins now ensures future financial relevance.

Step One: Create a Blockchain Wallet            

Click on this Blockchain link to open a free account.

Select WALLET, then Create Wallet. You will be able to sign up.

Your blockchain ID

This is like your Username. In normal banking, this will be your online id. It is a series of 36 characters that looks like this:6ma905d0-7351-482z-m037-770y9t4b59h8

Keep it safe. You can copy and paste your blockchain id in your documents so you will never lose it.

Set your password, and remember it. For me, that means writing it down or using a password management software like lastpass backed up by a notebook I can also consult as needed.

Your Wallet ID

This is equivalent to your bank account number. No one can send or receive cryptocurrency without a wallet id. So anyone who has your wallet id can set it up to withdraw money from your account.

To find out where your wallet id is located, you must be logged into your account. When you click on RECEIVE money, you will see your money receiving address. This is your money purse address.

Remember, Blockchain ID is required only when you log in But wallet address is required to send and receive money. So to find your wallet address, click on the send or receive button in your Blockchain account.

Step two: Exchanging Money To Fund Your Wallet

In our bank note economy today, every country has its own currency. You can go through a Foreign Exchange Bureau or FOREX, to change currency. For example, when you travel to Japan with US dollars, you can go to a forex at the airport in Tokyo, to change your US dollars to Japanese Yen.

To exchange your currency into bitcoins, get your bitcoin wallet address ready, preferably copied to your clipboard.

Go to  and open a free account. Put in your paypal email address and your bitcoin wallet address in the appropriate windows. Then click on Exchange on top. Please make sure you are exchanging the right currency ie USD from your paypal account into Bitcoins. You will be prompted to log into your paypal account. Do that and click as directed to complete the transaction.

Now, your bitcoin account is funded. It usually takes up to an hour for the transaction to be complete, so be patient.

Step 3: Investing in Bitcoins

This is the easiest step.

Here is your link to start your new investment in bitcoins. It will cost you, 0.002 bitcoins to start. That is less than $2 in conventional currency. You need just 2 other investors to start receiving the same amount from each person joining after you.

Imagine what will happen in 180 days when, the current matrix cashes out.

Happy Investing!

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