Tungsten alloy block manufacturing technology and process

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Tungsten alloy piece of manufacturing materials can be divided into tungsten nickel copper and nickel iron, tungsten and tungsten alloy gold plated piece of the material used for tungsten copper nickel, among them the content of tungsten is generally can reach 95%, the proportion of such ability makes it similar to gold. And high brittleness of pure tungsten, plus a small amount of nickel and copper can reduce its brittleness, thus better as arts and crafts, collectibles to play with.


Gold-plated tungsten alloy block due to its form and appearance of the gold bullion similar feel is known as the "gold" alternatives, but it is on the value of value no matter what also can't "alternative" gold. It is usually as a kind of handicraft, collection, souvenir or present, as people carrying and transmission of the emotion. It was also because of its value is lower than the gold, and alternative of gold is put at the counter of gold shops display surface, greatly reduced the problem such as theft, robbery, damage caused by the huge economic losses.

The process flow

1, the grey system. Gold-plated tungsten alloy block of billet and the preparation process includes liquid phase sintering of powder injection molding technology, the latter than the former, the preparation of tungsten alloy in the process of mineralization degree is higher, also can produce more excellent performance of tungsten alloy block, for subsequent gold-plated technology provides a good body.

2, engraving technology. If the surface need lettering, can use laser or carbide cutting tools on the surface of the tungsten alloy blank piece that molding need carved patterns, words.

3, gold plating process. Gold-plated method usually including electroplating and chemical plating, and the two including roll coating and plating. In general larger volume of tungsten alloy gold-plated block will adopt the way of hanging plating, while smaller volume can use barrel plating. Gold-plated process mainly includes three aspects: before plating pretreatment, post-treatment of plating and gold plated.




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