Top tips for your trip to Dhaka – The big NO’s and the big YES’s

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There are few big no’s when to comes to Dhaka city. We have in our hand the perfect set of instructions to ensure you are not welcomed with some extremely unpleasant turn of events. Dhaka can be extremely demanding for Dhaka dwellers, but not quite for the transient dwellers, you that is. So how do you live like a Dhaka dwellers, yet avoid all the unpleasant treats which you would love to skip in a heartbeat.



The seasons

Dhaka city is at its absolute best when it’s embraced by the pleasant winter. It’s unlike those winters in the western regions, riddled with rain, wind and sub-zero temperatures taking a toll on the human lives. Its in fact literally quite the opposite, you get a toll free drive into the most beautiful weather you can think of. During winter Bangladesh tourism is at its peak, foreigner flock in a flurry. You get to enjoy very pleasant winter weather with little to no winds and absolutely no rain. Everybody’s wrapped in a very festive mood. Memories and moments present itself in the best manner possible during winter. Please look out for the extreme weather forecast, anything under 15 starts to become very chilly, the weather might read its 12 degree forecast for tomorrow, but somehow as tomorrow unfolds before you come to realize it feels 5 degree colder and you almost start to question the credibility of this weather channels. Don’t blame the weather channel, because the culprit here is the mist.


It’s almost surreal how near sub-zero temperatures in western countries feels a lot less cold relative to a 10 degree winter in Bangladesh, the very cold mist in the air tricks our brain, it makes you believe it’s far colder than it already is.


Go local, eat local

Winter is where the party is, or in the local’s case, the food. An interesting fact, Dhaka dwellers don’t really have much to do unlike other countries. Those cities are beautifully blessed, they have parks, lakes, mountains, beaches, bars, clubs, sporting facility, many theaters, casinos and every other man made recreational facilities. Here there is none, except perhaps a couple of thinly ordinary theaters and a few ridiculously expensive poor environment bars.


Dhaka city is infamous for its voracious appetite, left and right you will see blocks of las vegas, only its not about what its known for but its only about food. Winter is a beautiful time for you to explore the delectable treats only winter hosts best. There is something called as pithas, you can try it on the block of Bailey Road, a famous place for you to catch a glimpse of fun loving crowds enjoying their daily lives in the littlest way possible. Pitha Ghor in Bailey Road houses some great range of pithas, they range from sweet to savory, from curry to western friendly, from appetizer to main course, this is one food that is really versatile and comes in many forms.




The big NO’s and Yes’s of Dhaka


Book smart for your stay in Dhaka

If you are coming to Bangladesh as a tourist, it’s very important you select your hotels in Dhaka smartly, as traffic will almost test your patience to the very limit. When you are here to explore, you are most likely to start your tour from Dhaka and spread out to country sides afterwards. As a tourist the best Dhaka hotels for you would be near Old Dhaka. There are couples of hotels in the Bijoy Nagar area which is basically a stone throw away from all the local heritage and iconic tourist places in Dhaka. If you are looking to book the best budget hotel in Dhaka that provides a great value for money, Hotel 71 should be at the top of your list. Their room rates ranges from USD40 – USD75, but ensure you ask for discounted as they might start from a steep price. Their rates include many complimentary amenities and services which proved to be of great value as hundreds of online review demonstrates.


For the most expensive range of hotels of 4 star or higher you need to look at the Gulshan region but booking there really limits you from the real experience of Dhaka. Gulshan is like the Beverly Park circles of California, very rich and posh place but the real dwellers of Dhaka live somewhere else.


Keep the beggars away with a sweet treat

As a traveler you must not give money to beggars; if you give to one of them, chances are there will be a swarm of them coming right up. The best alternative is to carry a packets of candy and hand them that, it creates cute moments, if you ask me.


Arrange your transport the right way

Many guests has faced plenty of dramas when booking cars from hotels to either go to airport or other places. Please leave plenty of time to arrange your car, yellow cab is extremely limited in Dhaka, so you are often to get by with those self-proclaimed one man show yellow cabs, only its not yellow. Let the hotel know a night in advance that you need to get somewhere by this time, they will guide you when to call for the car, as they know the traffic conditions of specific times very well. This is a big no to ask the Hotel Front Desk to arrange a car in moment’s notice; it is difficult to do that. Always arrange for that request for your transportation requirement a night before; and expect everything to go in a breeze.


Travel smart, travel safe

In Dhaka, there is a few instances of mugging or pick-pocketing. But it’s not pandemic like how it is in Rio de Janerio. So limit your travel in low light streets or city alleys at night with cameras and other equipment’s. But if you must travel in rickshaws or walking around streets in Dhaka after sunset, carry very limited cash (precisely what you expect to spend), don’t carry any credit or eftpos cards well. If you are in car, never leave the door or the window open; always ensure it is locked, no matter which part of Bangladesh you’re travelling.


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