Top 4 Best Reasons To Consider Aromatherapy

by Pamela Gomez Aromatherapy Consultations

Are you seeking a natural, holistic health and wellness solution? If yes, then you should consider a Free Aromatherapy Consultation with Pamela Gomez and get help to overcome your challenges.

What Exactly Is Aromatherapy: -
Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils - which are extracted from flowers, stems, plants, barks and roots of plants.  The Essential Oil are used to improve emotional and physical health and wellness. The essential oils are applied through inhalation, topically or in a bath in order to promote healing of human body. When applying aromatherapy and essential oil in your regiment, keep in mind that the essential oils are very potent and should be combined with carrier or base oil to create a wide variety of holistic aromatherapy solutions. Always you caution when using essential oils and consult a qualified aromatherapist, aromatherapy practitioner or a clinical aromatherapist.

There are many benefits of taking a Free Aromatherapy Consultation  here in The Bahamas. Here are just a few reasons we explore in our one on one consultations below:

Mood Refresher: -
For individual whose concern is mood and focus enhancement.  Rosemary is the recommended essential oil and is proven to boost the mood while offering feelings of contentment. This essential oil can offer a positive impact on your overall mood and performance by eliminating the stress hormone Cortisol from the body. In fact, Rosemary in aromatherapy can be used regularly to induce focus, relaxation and prevent anxiety level.

Stress Reliever: -

Stress is the cause of many ailments all over the world. Essential oils are well-known relaxants; which can help to soothe your stressed mind and eliminate anxiety level. When thinking about taking an aromatherapy consultation, the first thing strikes in our mind is that it can relieve everyday stress. Here in the Bahamas tourism is our number one industry and it is often said by our visitors that the are here to getaway from the stress. The sound of the ocean and the sun light are all relaxing. Add a little lavender, or camomile to your regiment and experience euphoria.  For instance, basil essential oil is normally used to calm down the effects of depression, lavender to relieve insomnia and soothe mind, body and soul. Visit our instagram page for more essential oil benefits at

Better Sleep At Night: -
If you find yourself turning and tossing every night and sleeping pills won’t help you to relax your mind, aromatherapy can have the answer you’ve been looking for. It can be quite useful for treating sleep disorders. The ultimate use of essential oils can help in stimulation of the limbic system in the brain; which controls mind and emotion. This means, aromatherapy can allow you to have calming, relaxation as well as a deep sleep so that you will wake up feeling refreshed. For sleeping disorders try drinking herbal teas like chamomile or a combination with chamomile.  Additionally a warm bath in lavender essential oil can also make for a good nights rest.

Good Complexion: -
A lot of aestheticians believe that aromatherapy is a powerful yet efficient tool used to alleviate a huge number of skin conditions, especially flaky and dry skin. If dry and flaky skin is left untreated, it can lead to premature wrinkling and signs of age. This is the reason why aromatherapy is helpful alternative to keep the skin youthful, balanced and moist. Besides, many essential oils can offer anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce dryness and irritation of skin. One of the essential oils used in the treatment of skin conditions is Frankincense. Book a consultation with Pamela Gomez for a Free 15 Minute Consultation while visiting the Bahamas or Online.  

Conclusion: -
After looking at all these benefits, it’s obvious that you should consider free aromatherapy consultation from the Bahamas best in Aromatherapy and enjoy all the advantages of essential oils to a greater extent!

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