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The Tomb of Exiles is the second dungeon in Blade & Soul & becomes available at around level 35. At level the dungeon itself is quite tough so it is highly recommended that you do it with a group of people. The dungeon consists of 3 ‘main’ bosses, 2 mini-bosses & an optional boss (spawns randomly) Below we have highlighted the boss battles so you can get a rough idea of what to expect before you enter.

The Tomb of Exiles is located in the Cinderlands Coast Zone. Check out the map below for more info.

 Once you enter, jump all the way down and follow the path right. You will encounter groups of various trash mobs along the way including: Kung-fu masters, Blademasters, Force bladers, ranged mobs with cannons & also ‘captains’ who have more hp & deal more damage than the other mobs around them. In general you should probably focus on taking out the ranged & Force bladers first as they can deal a lot of damage and are very annoying when spamming their ice based attacks. Take breaks in between fights, try not to pull too many mobs at the same time and you should be fine.

The path is easy to follow so just carry on mowing down trash mobs and you will eventually come to the first main boss.
The big guy Underboss Bi Chunhan is a Forceblader & his sidekick Lak Rin is a Kung-fu master. Get your tank to aggro the big guy and quickly beat down the KFM or alternatively just spam aoe’s until he is dead. Chunhan will use ice based forceblader attacks against you and has one aoe attack ‘Frost Prison’ which will freeze you out right. He can deal a lot of damage so if you find yourself struggling or taking a beating, stop hitting him, kite if you can and let someone else take the aggro while you heal up. For loot he drops weapons or accessories (depends on whether its 6 or 4 man), soul shield pieces and food. Once he’s dead, follow the path down around and into the next area.

When you arrive in the next area one key thing you must do is move together. As you progress you will notice ‘fire barriers’ appearing which block you from going back. If you go ahead alone and leave the rest of your team behind and the barrier appears you are essentially trapped.  You will have to kill all the mobs in that section alone. Only then will the barriers drop thus allowing your team to re-join you. Trying to run through the fire barrier will kill you instantly. 

 With that in mind, carry on killing shit and you will eventually come to the first mini-boss.
The Shaman will spawn trash mobs throughout the fight. He has 2 aoe attacks, the first one is like a poison cloud which will of course do damage over time if you are caught in it and the other is a knock down. The area around him will go red or green him depending on which attack he uses (green is the poison one) so they are quite easily avoidable. Once he’s dead move on carry on going forwards as a group and you will run into a small area where you are ‘boxed in’ so to speak with fire barriers. All you have to do here is kill the 2 waves of trash mobs (they spawn together) and you can proceed.  Turn the corner, kill 2 more guys and it’s boss time again.

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