Today’s Content Writing is All About ‘Filling the Content Gaps’

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What is the thing that a content writer does more than writing?

Right, reading.

A good writer is a reader first.

As I am a good writer (Anyhow, It feels great to think so), I read a lot.

I stumbled upon an article on unbounce addressing the data-driven content strategy. It explained how you can write a great content in one day with the help of an infographic.

The article is a nice read. It made me think that today, content writing has become all about filling the content gaps. You analyze the content of your competitors and identify the topics which have not been covered before and are important to the audience.

When you search for any SEO topic on the internet, you will find many similar articles with nearly similar ideas. So, does all of the writers think alike? Yes, I know that all the great minds think alike but all of them? If you notice the dates of publishing of these articles, they fall nearby.

So, what do you conclude?

We are focusing on the competitors and seeing what he is writing. We are writing the content that is either supportive or against or filling the gaps of the content of the competitor. So, basically, we all are writing about the same topics. Don’t you think there is something wrong?

Are we filling the wrong gaps?

With the competitive analysis, we can come up with a great content, maybe in a day but is it worth it? Maybe this is the reason why the reader engagement is decreasing. La SEO Zaragoza finds that there is similar content on every website with a difference of a thing or two.

You should be filling the gaps when you have enough data and enough insight to provide to your reader. If the competitor is missing out one one small point, it is better that you do not create a whole post about it. You can comment on his article that he missed out something important. You can tweet about it or post on Facebook if you do not want the engagement on his blog. You can discuss this on the discussion forums to get the attention of the audience.

You should never create a content on a thin concept. Your article would appear repetitive and your idea that makes you stand out would disappear in the repetitive content.

So, what are the gaps that you should actually be abridging?

It is the gap between the reader’s expectations and the content that is available online. Let us see what we have to do for that.

#1. Goals

Your audience has certain goals in life. They want to do their own SEO or they want to learn more about marketing. They are here reading you because they are supposed to get some information which makes their work easy but efficient. The first gap that you need to fulfill is between your goals and the goals of your audience. Write as if you are at the place of your audience and you want to achieve something. When your goal is to get the audience to their goal, you will get the appreciations and conversions.

#2. Process

The next gap to fill is the gap of the process. The audience cares less about the ‘why’, they want to know ‘how’. As a writer, your responsibility is to tell the audience what you know but you should be putting more emphasis on the process. You should tell them the news and then write how they can act their best in such situation.

#3. Insight

Insights are a little different than the goals. People want to reach a goal but there are certain boundaries that they will not cross. There are certain paths that they want to follow. There are certain visions in their mind. You should target these insights to know the audience better. You can also take help from the SEO company spain firms. The gap you should be filling is your content and audience insight. Know what your audience know already and what needs to be taught. Know what matters to them and what things they certainly avoid. Write what they do not know but should know.

Sincerely hope that this article makes sense to you. I am not saying that you should not look for the competitors or you should not write what they are missing. Just saying that you are writing for the audience, so it is important that you fill the gaps between their needs and your solutions.

If you have something to say to us, please comment below. We are more than happy to answer your questions. Just leave a line below.

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