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This is why Riot has kept the fifa 14 coins Tribunal running, this is why they are so active in the community, this is why they put on the show of making a bet with a troll with the forum community as judge and this is also a big reason as to why so many players keep flocking to Riot despite the barriers. Riot Games had the choice to walk away from the toxic community that so many of their competitors shrug over. Instead, they are making a solid effort to reform it.Only time will tell whether Riot’s gamble is right, but I intend to stay a loyal customer – despite the fact that I’m still not sure why I play this game.Fans of the Mario series will be bouncing like their favourite plumber with joy, as New Super Mario Bros.

2 has released for the 3DS. Taking the series’ classic formula and giving it a greedy thirst for coins, the title hopes to put fresh polish on an old dollar. The question is: does it come out all shiny, or will that joyous bouncing turn quickly into a frustrated fit? Grab yourself a Fire Flower and let’s go find out!In keeping with tradition, the game opens with Princess Peach once again being kidnapped by series villain Bowser, this time while Mario and Luigi are out collecting coins (probably so they could pay the outrageous costs of living in the Mushroom Kingdom). As is their duty, they set off on a journey to save her and put an end to Bowser’s plan. To do so, they must travel across six treacherous 2D side-scrolling worlds, full to the brim with Bowser’s minions.

All the elements of a classic Mario game are here: start at the leftmost side of a 2D plane with the goal of reaching a flag or boss at the rightmost end, don’t get hurt or fall in pits along the way, grab power-ups to help stop enemies and stay alive, and reach the goal before the time limit expires. What makes New Super Mario Bros. 2 a little different, however, is the massive focus on coins. Just about everywhere, for any reason, a plethora of coins are available to grab at any time. From 10 or more popping out for landing in certain places, to switches turning structures into a mountain of shiny gold pieces, you’ll be able to find coins anywhere you look.

To further bolster your gold tally, you’re able to create coins using power-ups. Basic items return, including the standard Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Raccoon Leaf, but a couple of special ones adopt the new love for the colour yellow. Should players come into contact with a Gold Flower, then Mario will be transformed into a full-gold version of himself and can shoot giant golden fireballs (silver for Luigi), in a similar fashion to the standard Fire Flower. These shimmering death-balls will turn any foes or destroyable blocks into coins, greatly increasing your money count by the end of the round. In some cases, if players hit a Coin Block enough times, a Gold Block will appear. Jumping into these blocks will cause your character to wear it on his head, where it will continuously produce coins until it runs out or the player is hit, and running and jumping results in gold coming out at a quicker pace.

While one can’t help but applaud NSMB2 for stepping outside the normal set-up a bit, it ends up hurting gameplay like a slap across the face from a bag full of quarters. First off, it drops the pacing considerably and suffers from repetitiveness. The classic Mario formula gives players a sense of urgency in attempting to reach the end of the level: you always move from left to right as fast as you can, with as little backtracking as possible. Giving this setup back to players, then asking them to take their time and collect every single coin possible leads to a somewhat boring experience – one that gamers could relate to collectables from other games. Doing so for every single level (and every single world) becomes more like a chore mid-way through the game. Players may find themselves ignoring the new feature to just play the title the traditional Mario way.

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