Timing Is Money In Internet Marketing

by ketan p. SE Marketer & Internet professional

However the differences with Internet marketing is that all of the power is in our hands. Sure, you can purchase TV ads during a specific program or place radio spots during optimal morning/afternoon and evening drive time when people are most likely to be listening in their car, but you can rarely guarantee placement down to the second when using these strategies. Timing of outgoing marketing messages internet including blog posts, social media tweets, re-tweets, @ mentions, wall posts, and email newsletter distribution is all up to the sender. Therefore, it’s important to use this to your advantage. Sharing content whenever you feel like it isn’t the best strategy.

Unlike Radio and TV ads, the cost of sharing blog posts, social media posts, and email newsletter content does not change depending on the time. It’s much more expensive to purchase TV air time during weeknight prime time, when the most people are watching, than it is to buy a spot on a silly daytime courtroom show. Sure, writing a blog post takes time, and that can be considered a cost, but that “cost” doesn’t increase or decrease if the post goes live at 9am instead of 9pm.

When you sharing content internet it’s important to first think about your target audience. What are their internet behaviors? Do they use social media, if so, when? When are they more likely to be browsing the web and looking for information? If you are targeting a B2B audience that typically works a Monday to Friday 9-5 office job, it’s likely that people are checking their email and social media accounts in the morning and again at lunch time. So, it would make sense to schedule a blog post to go live at 7:30am and submit a Facebook post at 12:30pm on a Tuesday. A tweet or post shared at 10pm on Tuesday might get read on Wednesday morning, but there’s no guarantee. Sometimes people follow so many users that they rarely look back far enough to see everything.

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Sharad Chopra Senior  Professional
Great !!!!!!
Jan 5th 2012 01:57   
Aurang Zeb Awan Magnate I   Content Writer
Very good and accurate post
Jan 5th 2012 02:55   
ketan p. Senior   SE Marketer & Internet professional
Thanks @Sharad Chopra & @Zebgul
Jan 5th 2012 02:58   
Nnamdi Agha Magnate II   Internet Marketer
Timing is really important in internet marketing. Good article.
Jan 5th 2012 04:51   
Steven Hamberg Senior   President/CEO
Very nicely written!
Jan 5th 2012 05:52   
Luqman Sulyman Senior   web Designer, Resarcher, I.T Consultant.
the written is so unique...keep it up.
Jan 5th 2012 09:40   
Rashid Mehmood Senior   Internetmaker, Article Writer
nice article thanks for sharing
Jan 5th 2012 11:58   
Valery Ryabov Magnate I   Independent
I agree with everyone - useful article
Jan 5th 2012 13:14   
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I   Erudite polymath
I could make a redundant comment like "Good article"... but I think that has already been said often enough.
Jan 5th 2012 16:54   
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Raj Sen Junior  Social Media Marketing Consultant
Agreed, timing is crucial! Good Article!
Jan 5th 2012 21:33   
ketan p. Senior   SE Marketer & Internet professional
Thanks to all, for your nice and valuable compliment.....
Jan 6th 2012 00:12   
Bipin Shah Magnate I   Self Employed
Very True !
Jan 6th 2012 00:34   
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