The Ulu knife- a fantastic chopping knife with a difference

by Alexis Frank Business Man
There are all sorts of knives that are available in the market and that are supposed to be in your kitchen. You need to be well versed with culinary activities so that you know which knife does what. If you are not experienced in these matters, you are probably going to be peeling potatoes using a filleting knife and such things that would make a chef roll on the floor laughing. However, to make your life easier, there are some knives that can be used for just about all activities. The Ulu factory has created one of such knives.

The knife for all activities

It can be used as a chopping knife and it can also be employed when you are skinning an animal. It was known as the ‘woman’s knife’ back in the Stone Age. Of course during this period it was made of stone. The Ulu knife is one device that has made it into the modern era without losing its basic functions. Currently, it is made of a metallic blade and comes with a tough plastic handle.

You have probably come across this knife when you went to buy pizza. It is a funny looking knife when you see it for the first time. The blade is curved and it looks more like a weapon than something for using in the home. The ones in pizzerias are the big Ulu knives. They are meant to cut the pizza up easily without needing much of an effort. All you need to do is rock the knife back and forth without lifting it and you will have sliced up whatever you want to cut.

Why is it such a great tool?

There are several reasons why you would want to have an Ulu knife in your kitchen. It is a tool that can work wonders for you. Aside from the fact that is can be used for a variety of kitchen activities, this chopping knife brings with it a whole lot of benefits including:

1.    Safety

Perhaps the best thing about the Ulu knife is that it is not prone to handle breakages. That bread knife you have in your kitchen can break while you are using it, this can injure you slightly. While you are busy filleting the fish, the wooden handle of your knife can break and you end up slicing into your own flesh instead. It is nearly impossible for the handle of an Ulu blade to break thus making it one of the safest knives to use.

2.    Less effort when cutting

While most other knifes require you to use tons of effort when slicing and chopping, the Ulu requires just a little bit of it. This is all thanks to its curved blade. Using a rocking motion you are able to chop up those vegetables without lifting the knife from the surface.

3.    Sharper for longer

The Ulu knife remains sharper for longer periods of time than most other blades. When you take good care of your blade, you will not have to worry much about the sharpness of the tool.

4.    Accompanying apparatus

In the event that you are worried about chopping your fingers off, you can get the block and bowl for using this blade. All you need to do is place the materials to be chopped in the bowl, then hold the base of the chopping block and proceed to rock your blade on those foods.

Having an Ulu knife is probably the best thing that you can do for your kitchen. It will make life so much easier for you and when you get used to chopping with it, it will be so enjoyable. Visit the Ulu factory and get your blade today.

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