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by Dagmar Š. Dagmar

Share At the moment most people who been in the internet marketing niche for more than 6 months will have noticed that the way "products" are being sold has changed dramatically. Sadly it's dramatically for the worse, for example my clickbank cheques for 2011 so far as less than what I used to do per month back in 2009. The reason is that the marketplace for internet marketing products is now full of complete and utter crap. All the decent / clever marketers have realised this and are now selling via the warrior forum using WSO Pro / digiresults and building lists of buyers by selling quality content at affordable prices. So with that in mind, here's the 3 things you need for a good salespage in 2011.

Honesty When someone lands at your salespage it should be obvious what you are selling. If I can't tell from the headline / first 30 seconds of your video what you're selling I'm clicking the X button straight away. Next when someone hits X it's because they don't like your salespage, and 7 pop-ups giving me all sorts of discounts is not going to make me change my mind, in fact it will only confirm that the site owner is up to no good. I also think that a 2-3 minute video introduction from the product creator explaining why they created the product, and the problem it solves that is extremely powerful for creating a good impression.

Ethics Once I know what's being sold I like to see what problem the product fixes, and that it's actually value for money. If scarcity is being used, what is the reason, and is the script being used actually doing what it says. When you say that the price goes up in 24 hours and a week later it's still at the same price I know the seller has no ethics. Next up is the way that the salescopy is written. I've sat through enough slick video presentations and read enough copywriting books to realise when I'm being sold to. Tugging at my emotional heartstrings and selling me my dreams based on false claims is basically targeting the weak newbie marketer who still believes the hype and is prepared to spend on their credit card because people with no experience can easily make thousands in the first 30 days with this product. Lastly is the graphics, any site with fast cars, beaches, pictures of money just shouts out the owner is just after your money, and has no interest in helping you to build your own business.

Quality Product In the social media age that we live in this is the biggest and most important thing that will help you make sales in 2011. Before you buy any product it's worth searching facebook / warrior forum to see what real reviews you can find. With a few clicks of a button an angry customer can tell the world how rubbish your product is, and how after buying you were told that the product would only work if you bought this extra course for another $97 and then you're bombarded daily with offers for other products. Compare that to pages full of praise based and you can see why honesty & ethics are essential. I've heard that some recent big launches have refund rates of 80%, so it looks like those dream seekers are waking up to the slick salespages and finally asking for their money back. Summary To maximise your revenue in 2011 you need to tell people what you're selling, avoid over hyped salespages that play on peoples emotions, and then deliver what your salespage promised. Fix the problem that your buyer has, and you will have a repeat buyer for life. Thanks for taking the time to read this, please post a comment with your opinion on what is happening right now in the internet marketing scene. from Andrew

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Sean North Professional   Business
good article Dagmar, I would have maybe added a fourth as well, the story a vital part of the process, it details the benefits the who you are dealing with ect
Jul 26th 2011 06:43   
Arthur Webster Senior   Just plain honesty
Good points, Dagmar but who is Andrew?
Jul 27th 2011 13:00   
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