The things of the past has already become Shang to once write literary piece

by Jack Mary SEO

The things of the past has already become Shang to once write literary piece

Is ever sad to lead, the despair once leads and once wanted to once give up.

Once resembled Huang to lead, once failed, ever tears cover the face lead.

Really once loved, once pursued, ever brave said to once love.

Once led crazily, once lost, ever always silent lead.

Once dreamed of, come true, once faced boldly.

Once rose early, ever and late once slept, ever confused once live.

Is ever painful to lead, the happiness once led, the mood once was very sad.

Ever once disguised, ever the reality leads, ever elaborated fill a responsibility lead.

Was ever difficult to once forget, once forgot, once ran about together.

Is ever innocent to lead, ever mature lead, once hoped earnestly careless lead.

Once got, once lost, once clenched fist to once fight for.

Once hated, once appreciated, ever ambiguous unclear lead.

Is ever sad to lead, once regretted deeply, ever deeply self-reproach lead.

Once made great effort, ever lazy lead, ever self-examination lead.

Is ever selfish to lead, once offered, once lost main goal because of small gains.

Ever and sincerely led, not, is forever sincerely, even if the whole body covered with wounds once led.

Once owned, not, own forever, even if once left me but have ever been to.

Atmosphere's once leading , not, wased an atmosphere forever, even if once suffered to once humiliate.

Once rushed, not, rush forever, even if once fell down for many times.

The close relatives ever, the road ever, the friend ever, once loved, the ego ever.

When by now become ever, was to no longer once come back.

When the tears flows to come out to fall Mo, when the chest shivers ever wrong.

The contemporary field abandonned me, when the human life put out the fire of hope.

Whether meeting someone concerns me to take good care of me to understand me to cherish me.

Probably and ever once thought, did a real ego.

I am only pure muddy, even if the whole world becomes black.

Probably once thought now, did a different ego.

Even if the whole world assimilates,can not find the second I.

No matter is ever or, now, regardless is the human life or, hell, all have never put out me this hope of fire.

Unexpectedly the tonight once cried again, having never thought the tonight has been already thoughted.

Unexpectedly write one this full paper again of helpless and lonesome.

Isn't miserable, although the tears slides.

Not despair, although heart already ground lead.

Ever numerous times once asked, big thousand worldses unexpectedly had no one person to truely read to understand me.

Ever and ever, come and go of come and go.

I can not help a smiling, is to smile people of this world Chi, still oneself silly, always willingly of be harmed.

Probably, probably this world is no longer apathetic, probably, probably this season has never had.

Only wish, only wish I am still I, only wish, only wish someone can truely read to understand me soon.

Once understood, not because the love would own, but is everything for owning to diligently once love.

The regrets once led, the joys and sorrows life and death nike free run left to once experience as well.

The night has already become Shang and writes to stay alone to own literary piece, the star has been already slidden, and bitterness bitterness' looking for a near the bank to let exhausted mind has already canned anchor.

The month splashes fall the cold idea for covering with, just think of this season isn't winter, nike free tr I the bitterness bitterness guarded for a century, but the Bian isn't pure who is a bosom friend beauty.

The breeze blew a world, but forgot I, shed leaves still resent breeze be wrong.

The tears is misty world, the youth is breathed to flow through.

The whose tears overflows, I wish to do body the dike dam of her the abyss of time, whether the breeze blew a wave to once beat or not.

The life is a novel that doesn't have the final outcome, forever all write don't finish of legend.

The youth is a too rush novel, haven't wanted to write so much what, but the pen nib has been already rowed.

My mood has no result, the whose Xian hand lightly dauts.

My tears has no run off, the whose paper towel lightly floats to fall.

Always wanting to to heart's content cry is a , always want to to heart's content vent 1, after once crying but still keep falling Mo.

Ever and very naughtily touched to break window Ling paper, followed arm curved hoped to go to the bleak early years, from only beg for one silk aforetime warm, but still look for not to return ever of I.

Think the feeling of the full paper to smile to see a rising and falling of mood towards folding, .

Who can understand me, cherish me, painful I, ever have no, now have no, hereafter is a riddle, can not guess, unpredictable.

Ha ha ha haBlareOnce smiled to once cry.

Thou now how much matter, the fisherman's song rises midnight.The almond spends a Shu shadow inside, play flute early dawn.The 20 years in a hurry flows through, but the invaluable youth spends lavishly.

nike free run mens Look for to find, cold and dreary, windy and rainy miserably miserably troubled at heart, time water Be difficult to stay Mo to feel sorry for.

Long the ditch flow the month has no voice and leave to worry gradually far gradually endless.The life is long to hate water long east, the peach blossom fades spring also red.

Long for where, beauty such as the flower separate high in the clouds.

The dress takes gradually breadth eventually regrets not, is who eliminate of the person is distressed.

Is many in look for her 1,100 degree, Mu however look back, but that person is where.

The Ming Dynasty hopes to break limits of the earth road, wine short circuit long remember fondly to lose.

The present and past cans not bear to recall and has mercy on the hoary head in month.

Ming Dynasty stranger limits of the earth, the setting sun bowel breaks to the remnants Xia.(dongfanglmz)

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