The role of access control machine in the smart security

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In the smart security, access control machine mainly manage the entrances and exits, insure the safety of inward and outward. In all kinds of civil places, gateway is a stream of the largest and most complex, is the most prone to problem areas, such as camouflage, illegal invaders and so on. We usually set the entrance to the safety of key points: one is the safety factor; from the management aspect, for legal and illegal workers can be managed. In the traditional sense of the attendance, visitor must go through the gateway to get inside, or certification recognition, time records, shunt and course setting for personnel. Different gateway function also is not the equivalent; there are temporary entrances and exits, emergency exits, management gateway unit, gate entrances and exits, village entrance. Entrance guard control machine is mainly for non-professional export management video door phone system, responsible for the certification recognition, data record, entrance guard control.


In the future of the commercialized civilian market, entrance guard control machine ought to replace more than 90% of the entrance guard controller. Small range of applications in the field, entrance guard control which are more likely to reveal its flexible, mobile and convenient advantage. Instead, too professional entrance guard controller, because the video door phone system structures, too complex, application and management cost is too high, it is difficult to play his advantage in civil market.


Entrance guard control all-in-one civil market demand


In the process of commercialization entrance guard, access control products much took the form of embedded device integration, functional diversity. And entrance guard control all-in-one PC is the product of this process, and in the face of such a market, it will have what kind of change? Civilian demand is diverse, appearance, function and installation method. Appearance, mainly for installed in different places, indoor, outdoor, hall or door side, even for different decorate place for color white, dark gray, black; Function is generally a single reinforcement is given priority to, such as fingerprint access control machine, the customer wants to pass in and out recognition through the way of fingerprint identification, attendance access control all-in-one, customers want in software attendance has increased, to statistics and analysis of individual users attendance status, computing time of check on work attendance, etc. Installation, some can wire, and some can't wiring, some embedded installation, some direct installation, need to consider line way.


Entrance guard control machine for the commercialization of civil demand, more and more market segmentation of species occurs, and the market is in the satisfaction of the demand quantity will be a substantial increase. For nearly 10 years of real estate, this also caused the demand to some extent the blowout. Actuating products in this market, lead the market, mutual crisscross of gradually form a complete video door phone system of entrance guard control all-in-one product. From the perspective of the main categories of this product in the market, the product is still in a very not mature, the development of the space is quite large. So, at present any merchants want to resort to any entrance guard control all-in-one to fully occupy the market, now and in the future is not realistic. That is to say, any small door manufacturers can in a short period of time through market elaboration to share a small piece of the market. The growth of entrance guard control all-in-one door industry brings rare development opportunity to small business, and only one or two products are able to get a small share of the market.


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