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UK - The knitting yarn is very commonly in people¡¯s daily life. In all sorts of wholesale knitting yarn, the cashmere knitting yarn would be the most popular and experience on among these knitting yarn. The cashmere knitting yarn specifically refers to the woolen of goat which is the thin layer that has been covered by roots of the goat shag. In the season of cold winter, the cashmere of the goat has begun to grow which could help the goat resist cold. In the warm spring and summer, the cashmere of goat has begun to drawn off. This could help goat transpire the heat of their body and adapt the climate naturally. However, if people have the sweater which had been made of the real cashmere knitting yarn, they should know that the cashmere could only grow on the body of goats. However, the type of cashmere could be divided into many types.

The expert from website which is the best manufacturer and seller for the knitting yarn has said that China is the world's largest producer of cashmere which production volume and output could be one second or more. However, the manufacturer for the knitting yarn especially for the cashmere knitting yarn has the feeling that the volume and output of cashmere production is extremely limited. The an annual production volume of one goats which is mean the net velvet that has been removed impurities could be 50 to 80 gram. the cashmere knitting yarn which would produced by the cashmere of five goats could be enough to make an ordinary sweater.

The specific information from the cashmere knitting yarn has told people that the cashmere is the knitting yarn finest animal fiber which has higher naturally curly. On the other hand, the warm keeping ability of cashmere is very good. So, the cashmere knitting yarn would be the best choice for the top grade sweater.

The first kind is the sheep cashmere which many people have regarded the cashmere on the sheep which characteristics are similar to cashmere. In fact, the sheep did not has velvet and the cashmere is actually one kind of high-quality wool.

On the other hand, the cotton cashmere is not one kind of pure cotton line. However, this is one kind wholesale knitting yarn of woven cord which is the combination of cotton and cashmere. In fact, the cashmere and cotton wool could be completely different and people should not be confused about these two kinds of yarn. The cotton cashmere has contained some percentage of cashmere. However, the different of the cashmere percentage could determine the different of price. However, the sheep wool is just one kind of cashmere wool and the more high-quality wool.

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