The Origin of Camouflage Clothing

by Robort K. sports
Camouflage clothing is a use of the color patch the soldiers body camouflage uniforms blend of background color.

Ancient uniforms tend to use more eye-catching color, distinctive military capacity can easily be identified and the use of red more. This can cover up the blood, to reduce this Fangshi Bing and panic.

The earliest use of camouflage color uniforms of the British army. In December 1864, the British captain Harry the Banat Ram Sting organized in Peshawar, Pakistan the irregulars British Army reconnaissance team. Making reconnaissance team uniforms, Ram Sting exposed for the local Yellow Earth, sand, in order to facilitate the reconnaissance camouflage, khaki uniforms selected. In later operations, military uniforms played a better camouflage effect.

In 1899, the British invasion of the last three years of the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa, with the the local Dutch descent cloth "Boers". Boer troops, the British troops of both sides contrast of about 1: 5. But the Boers found that the British wore red uniforms, the green of the forests and savannah in South Africa is eye-catching, easily exposed. Boers from which to be inspired by their own clothing and guns immediately changed to green grass, easy to hide in the forest in dense bushes. The Boers often before you know is not close to the British, all of a sudden attack, played the British by surprise, and the British wanted to play but difficult to find the target. Although the final war British victory, but the British casualties of more than 90,000 people far exceeds the Boer army casualties.

The war in the European countries recognize the importance of the modern battlefield camouflage, have installed a uniform color to bright green or yellow, in order to achieve the purpose of concealment. After the First World War, the emergence of a variety of optical reconnaissance equipment, soldiers wearing uniforms of a single color is difficult to adapt to the context of a variety of colors. In 1929, Italy developed the earliest camouflage the world, it has 4 colors of brown, yellow, green and cinnamon. In 1943, Germany as part of the soldiers equipped with 3-color camouflage uniforms. This camouflage around the irregularly shaped color patches, on the one hand, these plaques can distort the contour lines of the human body; on the other hand, part of the plaque color and background color approximation one part of the plaque was significantly different with the background color, split from the visual effects of the human body shape, cool airsoft masks to achieve camouflage deformation effect.

Camouflage pattern camouflage pigmentation and clothing camouflage design three elements, designers around these three elements fuss, the goal is how to camouflage the wearer and the background it is placed between the spectral reflectance curve as much as possible reach consensus, so mixed as a whole in the near-infrared night vision, laser night vision, electronic image intensifier, black and white Jiao piece, color bite piece and surveillance equipment, as the technology front, the enemy can not easily be found, in order to achieve the hidden , the purpose of confusing the enemy. Camouflage pattern design is based on the wearer in which the background and wearing the scene of vegetation, soil distribution status, mainly woodland type, desert, snow, urban, mountain and marine-type and a few other. A variety of colors with a 4-color, 5-color, 6-color. Fabric usually cotton and polyester or cotton and nylon blend fabric, this fabric is not only moisture, comfort, and strong, wear-resistant. Some camouflage cotton fabric or through a special process of pure chemical fiber fabric.

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