The new diet pill- Garcinia Cambogia

by Andrew Mark Health Care

Garicinia Camborgia has emerged as the biggest natural weight loss breakthrough till date. It is a small fruit, shaped like a pumpkin and is also popularly known as the brindle berry, Malabar tamarind and Assam fruit. It grows in Southern parts of India, Indonesia, Central and West Africa and has been promoted to be a Herbal supplements for weight loss. It has proved to be a magic pill that can help in shedding kilos of weight in a time span of just twelve weeks and that too without any possible side effects.

Why is Garcinia Camborgia effective?

The miraculous Garcinia cambogia for weight loss comes with an acid named hydroxycitric acid or HCA. This acid is the blockbuster element of Garcinia Cambogia. There is an enzyme named citrate lyase in our bodies. This enzyme is responsible for transformation of sugar and starch into fat therefore, block this enzyme and you will soon get in shape. HCA blocks this enzyme and all the consumed carbohydrates get used up in energy production rather than being accrued as the body fat.

Effects of Garicinia Camborgia

Garicinia Camborgia is very safe and produces remarkable results within two weeks. Reports have shown that the extract of this fruit when blended with calcium, potassium and magnesium salts transforms into a wonder.

·         Garicinia Camborgia is the most promising Natural weight loss program. Within no time of its dawn, this supplement has managed to replace most of the personal physical trainers. From Kim Kardarshian to Kate Middleton, everyone is in praise for this magical supplement.

·         HCA is also responsible for suppressing the appetite. Unlike the stimulant based drugs, this natural supplement sends an appetite suppressing signal to the brain, which increases your level of satisfaction and you feel content with less food.

·         Since ancient times, Garicinia Camborgia has been an important ingredient in ayurvedic medicines as a herbal supplement for weight loss. In many Indian homes, Garicinia Camborgia is served before taking a heavy meal, so it is quite possible that it might also possess some medicinal properties.

·         Reports have shown that Garicinia Camborgia also helps in boosting the mood of a person. It helps in enhancing the levels of the serotonin. This hormone controls the mood and sleep pattern of a person. Garicinia Camborgia therefore prevents the unhealthy imbalance of serotonin and acts as a natural weight loss program.

·         Garicinia Camborgia has a considerable level of Vitamin C. Therefore, it has been proved to boost the immunity of a person and has been applauded to work as a great antioxidant.

Is Garicinia Camborgia safe?

As far as Garicinia Camborgia is taken properly and for twelve weeks, the supplement is completely safe. Also studies have proven that it does not have any side effect. It might have mild effects like dizziness, dry mouth, upset stomach or diarrhea, but it is very rare. But still, before using these drugs, you must consult your doctor, so that he may guide you better on this.

So, Garicinia Camborgia is indeed a magic pill which has managed to help people reduce kilos in weeks, but still it is not the only thing. Along with taking this Herbal supplements for weight loss you must not forget to miss on your healthy diet and regular exercise. As this will ensure that the slim body that you have just acquired, would be maintained in this shape forever.

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