The major properties that can be noticed by planting Leyland Cypress trees

by Anal Wood Watterson Tree Farm

·         Planting Leyland Cypress trees is considered as a very good idea as it is the most popular privacy screen trees and they also the fastest growing trees and they are evergreen.

·         The next advantage is that they do not shade needles like the pine trees and also are very less expensive as compared to the other tress which is also the evergreen trees.

·         The trees can generally tolerate moderate shades and are generally planted below a partial canopy. They can take the sunlight for like 6 to 7 months and this is enough for them. 

·         By planting Leyland Cypress trees you would notice that the trees have a tendency that they grow towards the sunlight and they try to always get the sunlight.

·         These trees can grow like 3 feet every year which is a great growth rate and it can be seen that they easily beat the other trees to get the sunlight more.

The advantages of the Thuja Green Giant trees over the Leyland Cypress trees

·         By planting Thuja Green Giant trees you would get a great advantage that they are deer resistant. Deer hate them as a food and thus these trees would not be eaten away by deer. But the Leyland Cypress trees can be eaten by the urban deer that do not have any other food to eat.

·         The Thuja Green Giant trees are cold hardy and through the zone five of hardiness. That is why they are found on the places such as mainland NY State, Northern Ct and Maine. TheLeyland Cypress is safe through the hardiness level six. You can get the hardiness level of your place with the help of the many websites in which you have to only your pin code and they would tell you the hardiness level. That is another advantage of planting Thuja Green trees over the Leyland Cypress trees.

Some other facts about the trees

For keeping the Leyland cypress from being attached by the other shadowing trees sometimes the small parts of the trees are slashing off. And the best characteristic of planting the Leyland Cypress trees is that the parts do not appear ever afresh. It is habitually suggested for the trees of the Leyland cypress Long Island to do the surgery with the trees at the very starting after the plantation of the privacy hedge all round the trees that pattern the shadowing groves. By planting Leyland cypress trees you would see that they have a widespread inclination to grow up to reach the sunlight. So if under the shadow of a large number of trees, then a Leyland cypress can effortlessly beat them and reach the sunlight for their survival. A good kind of the trees having all the above characteristics are disperse all over the Tree ranch Long isle with the shady applications. But one thing is inevitably to be kept in mind that if the trees are sown in matured woodland, the other trees all around not only rob the come to of sunlight to the cypress but also halts the origin of the trees to disperse all over and therefore influencing the development of the trees.


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