The Introduction of Deep Fryer

by John Brown BUSINESS

Deep fryer feature cool-touch exteriors, massive frying baskets, digital timers and more. it's a sort of kitchen gear which utilizes oil because the major raw material for fried meals, using the traits of new style, affordable structure , basic operation, quick raising temperature, effortless to clean and so on. but when we use it, we need to be careful, When cooking, use low to moderate heat. Higher heat is just not needed and could damage the deep fryer pot. Some sort of deep fryer described as follows:

Brief Introduction on Oil Water Fryer & Continuous Fryer

A. Oil Water Fryer

Using the principle brilliantly: all the residue will submerge in the water in different proportion of oil, water, fat oil in the process of our work, the animal fats permeate the reduced levels of vegetable oil, solves the problem of carcinogens which are attributable to the carbonized and acidizing oil fundamentally. Special process make residues and animal grease leave the work layer, It can control upper and lower reservoir convection effectively with central heating, ensure that all sorts of reservoir is pure, the fried food with beautiful appearance just isn't only delicious, clean, but also improve the product quality, prolong the shelf life. Oil-water mixture technology make the water of below the reservoir produce a small amount of steam constantly, and seep into the oil layer to moisturize the frying oil, thus inhibiting oil waste. According to their needs, central heating process can adjust at will, alleviate the oxidation of frying oil effectively, inhibit the acid medium so that extend the use of frying oil cycle( Fryer Supplier ), reduce waste, all at once cut down the air pollution.

B. Continuous Fryer

Continuous fryer machine is suitable for continuous production such as meat, vegetables, pasta and other products. with higher saving coal heating oil, it could greatly reduce the oxidation of edible oil greatly, prolong the service life of the oil, and improve the use safety of the gear.

most of continuous fryer machine is made of meals grade stainless steel in line with health, clean production automatic and precise oil temperature controlling which be equipped with oil circulation filter system, constantly filter oil residue in the production process, decrease the acid value of oil, also the restore the color of origin oil, prolong the service life of oil more than 10 times. Belt speed is controlled by inverter both assure stable frying process elevation and subsidence device allow effortless cleaning after stop, press belt can let the products go over the oil relative rest without floating.

Deep fryer is widely used at rapidly meals restaurant, hotel, home, catering places. For example, you can make great fried meals by yourself with home deep fryers; also can enjoy fried fish, French fries, and other tasty food in hotel.

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