The Inflatable Water Park are a great backyard activity

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We used it many times, including all day on 4th of July and also on Labor Day with up to 8 kids aged 12 months to 9 years using it at the same time. I really liked the fact that the kids loved it. For me it was quite easy to install and deflate when done. I’m curious to see how it holds up being stored all winter, but I already consider that we got our money’s worth out of 65mo !” I’ll admit it, I had a fun time myself! My daughter was still a little timid to slide down by on her own, so she and I would climb it and slide together. The manufacturer recommends that the users of this product should not exceed 100 pounds, however our combined weight is around 135 pounds. So far, we haven’t had any issues. The climbing ramp is easy to use, and my 3 year old can do it without assistance. The slide, though fast, is not too fast. I love the fact that the bottom fills up with just enough water that even young children who might not be ready to enjoy the slide (like my 14 month old son) can still get in on the fun!“I wasn’t very sure before buying it if it would hold up to a group of children, as our children have quite a lot of friends but I got over that when we had at least 15 six and seven year olds on it twice and it held up beautifully! So the conclusion is I love it! I think that it’s one of the best investment for parties I could have made! They don’t tell you this, but you can Use a pool pump to drain the water, and a leaf blower to make sure all the water is dried up before you store it.

First, you’ll want to turn off the blower and let the slide begin to deflate. Water will almost immediately begin to drain from your Inflatable Water Park. After most of the water drains, I used my arms to push most of it out, and then we brought a few towels from the the house to dry it. This is where the time consuming part comes into play–in order to store this, it must be COMPLETELY dry, or you will end up with a moldy slide. And really, no one wants that! In order to dry, you’ll want to turn the blower back on (after emptying the water) and let the slide sit in the sun for a few hours. Make sure you check all of the seams and inside the foot holes of the climbing ramp to ensure all of the water has dried. When it has, you can then begin to fold it. We think that the Inflatable Water Park are a great backyard activity that will keep the kids cool in the heat and entertained for hours. And although they may seem kind of pricey with ranges from $200 to $800, compare that to a day at a public waterpark and it’s a bargain. Afterall, you’ll have your waterslide all summer. Now there have been instances when the waterslides are packed away for the year and then when opened up there is a big disappointment when they no longer hold air. My suggestion is to budget as though it will only last one year and then it’s a bonus if you get another year out of your waterslide. The other problem with the waterslides is getting them back in their original bag. Have you ever tried to get anthing inflatable back in it’s bag? You’ll have to figure out a way to store it folded up the best you can.I folded ours in half, and then in half again. Then I rolled it. Once rolled, you’ll insert it into the carry bag. I had my doubts that it would fit…but it does! If possible, putting this toy away should be handled by two adults. I was able to successfully put it away on my own, without help, but it was hard and very heavy (about 80 pounds!).

Last year, Little Tikes came out with two water parks and Banzai added several new water slides. There are other brands but Banzai and Little Tikes continue to be the most popular water slides in 2008. If you are expecting to have more than one or two kids playing at a time, the double sildes will keep everyone moving. There are several this year. One of the newest and biggest is the Banzai Vortex Spin and Slide Aqua Park (also called the Inflatable Games). It has two huge slides and a large splash pool. Two water cannons add to the fun!BAnzai Sidewinder FallsThe Banzai Sidewinder Falls was the most popular waterslide in 2007 and it’s back this year. The Sidewinder waterslide comes packaged with body board and water blaster guns or with cannons. It has a climbing wall, large water slide and tunnel.Little Tikes Super Splash Water ParkLittle Tikes also has a hit this year with their Super Splash Waterpark and Crashing Waves Water Slide. The Little Tikes Super Splash has a long slide, water cannons, spray to keep the slides wet and bouncy obstacle course. Our active years in the inflatable industry has thought is a number of things, one of them being that, the more fun and interesting the inflatable’s you can offer are, the more successful your rental business will be. Our rocking Saturn is one of the most popular inflatables in this category, the reason not hard to see. 

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