The Importance Of Unique Silverware Placements At A Formal Dinner Party

by Mary Grayson Interior Designer

If you are going to be having a formal dinner party in your home, there are many things that need to be considered. You need to ensure that your guests are as comfortable as possible and that your home is spotless, at least in the part of the home that they will be seeing. It is also important for you to consider the table that you are setting, from the plates that they will be using to the centerpiece that is in the middle of the table. One other item that should not be overlooked is the silverware. That is what we are going to discuss in this article.

You should not underestimate the placement of the silverware if you are setting a formal dinner table. This tends to be a lost art and it is one that many people often overlook in their table service. There may be those at the dinner party, however, who are very familiar with dinnerware etiquette and will be able to spot any abnormalities in the unique placement that you are using. Here is a general guide to help you put the silverware in the right place, each and every time.

Regardless of whether you are setting a formal dinner or if you are setting a regular dinner, the forks are always going to go on the left. This is relatively easy to remember, as the word fork and the word left both have four letters in them. At a formal dinner party, you are going to have several different forks and they should be placed, from the left in this order. The salad fork is going to go to the far left and the dinner forks are going to go next to the plate. If you have a dessert fork, it is going to be placed at the top of the plate or it may be on the dessert plate, depending upon your particular needs.

On the right side of the plate, you are going to find yours knives and spoons. The knives are always going to go closest to the plate, with the blade of the knife facing the plate. Working your way to the right, you will have the spoon, the soup spoon and if one is included, the oyster fork. A good way to keep this in mind is that you are going to be using the utensils that are closest to your plate when you are eating the main course of the dinner. The silverware that is to the outside of the plate is going to be used for the initial course and/or the salad.

Setting the silverware may be a little bit stressful but once you have the basic idea in mind, you will find that it is relatively easy. You should also familiarize yourself with how to use the utensils and which ones to use for which course. Individuals who are at your formal dinner party will be looking to you for guidance in that regard, so you should set the standard and make sure that it is the proper standard.

Mary Grayson has thrown many parties in her life and stresses the importance of having unique flatware sets by Bellissimo for a formal dinner party.

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