The Importance of Blogging: Why Writers Should Blog

by Laura Jones Editor

While there will always be professional writers that scoff at the notion that blogging is a worthy written form, the truth is that blogging can be an incredibly powerful resource for writers. If you decide to run a personal blog to build an audience, you will have people who expect to read something new from you every few days. For this and many other reasons, blogging is a great tool for the beginning or professional writer.

A Blog Connects You with Others

Unless you are already a well-known and highly-paid professional author, a blog is a convenient and easy way for your potential audience to know you exist. Even if you are a fabulous writer with a spectacular idea for the next great American novel, this will do you no good if no one has ever heard of you. Most people select the books they read based on recommendations from their friends, author name recognition, and publicity. This is the case with many novels that have become wildly popular in the last fifteen years. Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Song of Ice and Fire series would not have been nearly as successful if they hadn’t been constantly talked about in the media and among friends. If you can start a blog that posts some of your writings, this can be very useful if you get one of your books published. All you have to do is make an announcement on your blog and voila! You have your built-in audience that may buy your book because they enjoy your works and already recognize your name.

A Blog Requires More of You

Running a blog will require you to make regular posts in order to grow and maintain your audience. Most of the biggest blogs make weekly or biweekly posts that increase their potential audience even further by consistently publishing relevant articles that the visitors want to read. This is completely different than if you were writing a novel in your spare time and had no regular deadlines other than your final deadline in the distant future for your editor. Maintaining a regular blog will make you write more often and keep procrastination at bay.

A Blog Can Improve Your Writing Skills

If you have to maintain an active blog by writing for an audience on a regular basis, this will help you to keep your writing skills up. You can post excerpts from a book you’re working on or a short story that you would like some feedback on. Your regular readers will be more than happy to oblige and let you know what did or didn’t work. Moreover, writing frequently will help keep your writing skills fresh. Having an audience that holds you accountable to publishing on a regular basis will ensure that your writing skills never go stale.

A Blog Can Help Your Marketing Skills

Every professional writer needs to hone in on their marketing skills in order to be a smash success. Writing consistently on a blog will push you to find sponsors for your blog as well as help you determine what your potential audience’s tastes are. An example from professional film making is the director Quentin Tarantino. He would not be as successful as he is today if he hadn’t once worked as a video store clerk and routinely observed which films people tended to rent and enjoy the most. Therefore, think of your blog as a venue where you can test and see the most successful literary forms among your audience members.

Starting up a blog requires dedication, time, and effort for the serious writer trying to get their name out there and recognized. However, the potential rewards are worth the effort because blogging can be an important step to jumpstarting your literary career.

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