The function of the curtain and the functional curtain

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More number of people with the YiLianYouMeng over, after getting up, first open the curtains, look at the outside world, greet the new day.When the night falls, and need to gently pull the curtain, the activities of the late start.The curtain has an important place in people's life, it is said that foreign evaluation standards of star hotels, the curtain of the score is far greater than electrical appliances.In the latest architectural design, big French window, big balcony, glass partition has become a fashion, to match the curtain of the grade also increase accordingly.In the new decorating a bedroom, public places, the cost of the curtain is also increasing.In the train, the car sunshade, pervious to light, soft, sweet curtain will make you comfortable and pleasant journey.The curtain is moving picture, is the wall of change, is the silent music.Along with our country the sustainable development of national economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the curtain is very wide market.The curtain of the sort is more, according to the contour points are shutter curtain, curtain, rope, bead curtain, etc.;According to the material points, plastic, bamboo grass, natural fiber, chemical fiber, glass fiber and metal fiber etc.According to the way of opening and closing points such as roller, Roman blinds, horizontal pulling curtain;According to the transmission of light points, pervious to light, half block light, shading, etc.;According to the size of points have a fixed width, and fixed high two kinds big.Among them, the curtain cloth art favored by the majority of consumers, curtain cloth art design, production, innovation will bring new life to home textile industry.

The function of the curtain
Dimming and intimate: the function of the curtain in the past was mainly is to adjust indoor light, the light and shade degree, assure indoor illicit close sex at the same time.Is the day to make the right amount of light intensity into indoor, convenience of life, study and work, but also to watch the scenery outdoor at the same time.And in general, especially indoor light and outdoor dark at night, and don't want from observed outside the house, to protect personal privacy.
Sun protection and heat insulation: proper sunlight into indoor, can increase the temperature inside the room, kill harmful bacteria, accelerate the growth of flowers.But the sun is too strong, can make the room temperature is too high, the body is unwell, or even increase air conditioning power consumption, long time of sunlight insolate might damage the floor, furniture, interior decoration, calligraphy and painting, etc., in the hot summer to rely on the curtain will be part of the sun shade.In winter, the heavy curtain can reduce the loss at room temperature, heat preservation effect.Noise and dust filtering: the current urban building density is too large, the resulting noise pollution is also increasingly serious, air turbidity, through the curtains can reduce part of the noise.When opening the window take a breath, the curtain also can block or filtering some outdoor pollen, dust, tiny particles and peculiar smell, enter indoor, temporarily adsorption on the curtain, and fresh air can enter indoor, through the curtains to keep indoor air fresh.Beautiful with care: another function of the curtain is his beautiful and harmony, the curtain of a set of beautiful sweet, with the decoration of the room, furniture, home appliances, or office appliance together, to create a suitable environment for life, work and study, relieve nerves and make people happy.Some curtains with care, protection, security functions, is a certain good effect on human health, indoor security.

Functional Energy Saving Curtains
Is functional curtain while there are some disputes, especially the function testing, standards, certification is yet to be perfect, but some unique functions and higher added value has received the attention of consumers and businesses.Functional or more kinds of curtain, and basically has the following several kinds.Flame retardant curtain: at present our country to develop the code for fire protection, in some public places such as high-grade hotels, cinemas and theatres, terminals, terminal, hospital wards, and the curtain of finance, telecom department are required to have certain flame retardant.According to the requirements of the venue size and class, to the flame retardant performance for B1 (vertical length is 150 mm or less damaged, continued for 5 s or less, oxygen index 32) or and B2 (vertical length is 200 mm or less damaged, renew time 15 or less s, oxygen index of 27 or higher) level.In order to make sure there was a fire of one thousand, not because of the curtain in the fire spread fire.Its processing method and flame retardant fiber weaving are available, and the box as the flame retardant chemical fiber or glass fiber processing.Coating method may be adopted or pad will be attached to the natural or synthetic fiber curtain fabric flame retardant, flame retardant.Fire retardants and fire retardant technology, should be long-term, low toxicity, do not drop, low smoke, washable, and shall not affect the after processing operations and handle, dyed color, drapability, etc.Along with our country economy and the development of science and technology of high-grade residences and near the curtain of flame retardancy are also more hasten is strict, this kind of flame retardant curtain, when necessary, also can be used as fire blanket, extinguish small fires, developing new efficient flame retardant curtain will be the trend of The Times.Anti-static curtain: the arid region in north China in winter electrostatic phenomenon is more serious, especially in chemical fiber products easy to generate static electricity, when opening and closing the curtain is often a shock.Anti-static curtain is typically join guide fibers in the fabric, or use hygroscopicity strong fabric after antistatic treatment, reduce the generation of static electricity.Join the conductive fiber with metal fiber, carbon fiber, organic conductive fiber, can also be used in the ordinary chemical fiber adding carbon nanotubes and carbon black conductive composition, or on the hydrophobic synthetic fiber macromolecule introducing hydrophilic or conductive composition.In spinning and weaving to join some this kind of fiber, can greatly eliminate static electricity.
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