The first charge should continuously charge the battery

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First many users use the battery very confused, what should or should not wait until the battery is completely discharged before charging. This problem is actually the answer should be like this, if you can do is certainly a good thing, but only if you took the trouble. Of course, I mentioned here does not mean totally over-discharge, excessive discharge is absolutely proved harmful to the battery, it will shorten life. So when the laptop battery low prompt when you can charge a timely manner. Some businesses have repeatedly declared their lithium batteries no memory effect, this practice is extremely irresponsible. So when your battery power when there are more, or do not charge as well, because the memory effect does exist.

Second, for how long should the battery need to do, it is recommended into the 40-50% of the electricity, place the shade in the low temperature, the following parameters can explain this problem.

Storage temperature of 40% state of charge of 100% state of charge

0 degrees 98% (one year later) 94% (one year later)

25 degrees 96% (one year later) 80% (one year later)

40 degrees 85% (one jordans for sale     kiki09865    year later) 65% (one year later)

60 degrees 75% (one year later) 60% (3 months later)

As the technology is still not perfect, there are many problems to be solved, and now it cost, size, weight, ,fuel for both convenience and traditional lithium batteries can not be absolute and polymer lithium battery competition. Nickel-cadmium battery NI-CD too early because of their age, so there is a lot of the shortcomings of a headache, such as: size, heavy weight, small capacity, short life, a memory effect, etc. (nothing), is no longer used. Now there are mainly NI-MH battery and LI lithium battery. Ni-MH battery which is also active in the battery industry, while, compared to other batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries to better for the environment, it is also by far the most environmentally friendly battery, and lithium Well, a small size, light weight, large capacity, low memory effect, charging time is short, etc., well received by users like, but you will often see the back of the battery lithium batteries properly abandoned and handling instructions? Discard because the lithium battery will cause environmental pollution.

The first charge should continuously charge the battery to 12 hours if the prolonged use an external power supply, the best to remove the battery. Periodic charge and discharge . Even without the memory effect of lithium-ion battery there is a certain inertia effect for a long time without loss of activity of lithium ion would need to be reactivated. Therefore, if a long time (three weeks or longer) without using a computer or find the battery charge and discharge time shorter, should be fully discharged before recharging the battery, usually a month at least 1 full charge and discharge. Best to turn off the notebook when charging, the battery can be fully charged, unplug the power not to charge half-way.

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