The Connection Between Transcription and Health: Medical Transcription Services

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Normally, one would not link transcription with health, but many companies offer medical transcription services for health industry professionals. If you are a hospital or clinic representative or a health care professional, these services allow you to keep more reliable electronic medical records for your patient base. In the field of medicine, hard copy paper files are quickly becoming obsolete. Technological advances allow for everything, from surgery schedules to patient records, to become digitized. The electronic medical record, or electronic health record, has taken the place of the manila folder patient file. Instead of having to look through a filing cabinet for a patient’s medical records, health care professionals simply type a patient’s name into an electronic database! This allows for easier sharing of patient records between care providers, as well as tighter security on sensitive patient history.

Handwritten doctors’ notes are also disappearing along with hard copy paper files. Gone are the days when doctors and nurses needed to spend countless hours handwriting reports on their patients and daily check-ups. In recent times, health care providers have been taking advantage of audio transcription services in order to save time and reallocate it to caring for patients. They record their “patient notes” as an audio file, and a medical transcriptionist then transforms the audio into written word. This way, health care professionals are able to easily document procedures and check-ups done on patients and be assured that their records are saved in a reliable, secure format.

In more advanced health care facilities, speech recognition or continuous speech recognition software is used. These capture health care providers’ spoken notes without the need of a third party medical transcriptionist. However, they are still often needed to edit the documents that these software programs produce. Technology may be advanced, but there still is a need for the human touch! Using a simple Internet search, you will find many companies offering online transcription services that claim to be experienced with medical transcription services. Be sure to communicate directly with these companies before blindly hiring them. You must be certain that their employees are experienced with medical terms and the health care field. This is paramount in obtaining accurate medical transcripts. Transcriptionists who are only experienced in simple audio transcription services will not suffice.

Medical terminology is complicated. Furthermore, doctors and nurses are busy people. They may be quickly recording their notes between seeing patients or performing other duties. Because of these things, audio files coming from a hospital or health clinic may not be clear or easily understandable. Only an experienced medical transcriptionist should be trusted to transcribe these files to produce the best possible results. A professional company, whenever receives a health industry transcription project, is sure to assign it to one of the employees who has already had experience in the health care field. This employee may be a retired physician or working nurse, or someone whose specialty is medical transcription. Every specific professional field, especially the health care field, has a very nuanced and specialized vocabulary.

If you want to find more about online transcription services or audio transcription services, please click on these links!

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