The Best Exercises For Athletic Training

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If you want to become a better athlete, you will need to choose the best exercise programs for athletic training. However, one of the mistakes that athletes make is to think that in order to get the price-faster, marathon, bigger muscles, efficient cycling, improved athletes or impressive strength-they need to focus on those workouts that can help them to achieve these results.

While it is not bad to be good in a particular workout, sport or training style, it is also important to consider that your body will eventually adapt and will become super-efficient at the primary movements that you are doing. It is also important to note that the other systems or parts of the body will be neglected and this will increase the chances of muscle imbalance as a result of overtraining or overuse. One fix that is easy enough would be to breakout from the routine by engaging in cross-training at least once in a week. This will help to improve your overall results. Here are some exercise programs that you can consider depending on your workout goal.


When you are aiming for more mass, there are chances that you are combining the heavy multi-joint lifts with the isolation exercises even as you target some specific muscles. You could also be doing 2 groups of muscles in a day hitting each of them once in a week. However, this only serves to make the muscle to be less adept in working together in some functional ways.

Cross-training workout

By combining some supersets like pushups+ step-ups and alternating pull-ups+lateral lunges, this can help the muscles to workout in synergy while at the same time increasing the heart rate and boosting the rate of metabolism to improve mobility and the lean muscle gains. You should consider this as functional strength.

Goal: Running faster
When preparing for a race, it is easy to think that all you need to do is to run for the race. Even though those long runs, tempo workouts, recovery runs, hill work and speed are important in the preparation, when you run exclusively at the expense of other forms of training can result in overuse injury.

A good idea would be to choose leg exercises like split squats, reverse lungs and core workouts that focuses on the anti-flexion and anti-rotation as well as the cable core presses.

Goal: strength

When it comes to strength, the good news is that as long as you get good variations in the programming, this is definitely a good way that will help you to remain fit. This is due to the fact that strength training usually works the muscles as well as the neuromuscular system that recruits them together to generate an optimal force.

If you would like to challenge your coordination, and also boost the burning of calories, it is advisable to engage in High intensity interval training. You can choose 8 exercises, 2 for the upper body, 2 for the lower body, 2 for core and 2 for conditioning. You can engage in 23 seconds of workouts and 7 seconds of rest.

Goal: Improved athletic performance

Whether it is soccer, boxing, basketball or even MMA fighting, it is easy to focus on the specific skills that are required to participate in the game. While an old saying says that practice makes perfect, while the repetitive motions are too many and there is no support work aimed at conditioning the whole body, this can result in injury.

A good idea would be to engage in a metabolic workout just as I have prescribed for the strength trainers. However, the only difference is that in athletic, there is need to emphasize on plyometrics to ensure agility and power. When the workout has exercises such as box jumps, ladder drills and box jumps, these can play a major role in improving the athletic performance. For other Best Exercises for Athletic Training, you should get in touch with

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