Tantalum spiral chute machine in Mozambique

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Tantalum spiral chute machine in Mozambique

This device is suitable for sorting size 0.3 - 0.02 mm thin material of iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, phosphorus and B ore, tungsten ore, tin, tantalum ore, niobium ore and other non-ferrous metals proportion of differences, rare metals and non-metallic mineral body. The device has a sorting process is stable, easy to control, to allow the ore concentration range changes, enrichment ratio, high recovery rate,

Small footprint, water consumption, simple structure, without power, large capacity, easy to install, easy to operate, the advantages of investment in small and quick.


Spiral chute to the mine has a uniform, a cross (tripod), mine shafts, helical grooves, groove interception, gathering bucket, trough pillars.


The spiral chute erected, calibration vertical lines, with wood or metal frame fixed in place by sand pump the ore sent to the two feed screw top mouth, adding additional water to adjust the concentration of mineral paddle, paddle natural ore down from the high swirl to produce a centrifugal force of inertia in the rotation velocity of the ramp to the proportion of ore, particle size, shape differences, by the action of gravity and centrifugal force of the cyclone, the sand mine and separated concentrate flows into concentrate bucket pipe whip, tailings flow into the tailings pond sand bucket pipe received, then sand pump to drain away, to complete the whole process of dressing.

1, to the mine uniform Splitter

2, the cross (tripod)

3, mine shafts

4, the helical groove

5, product interception slot

6, the product gathering bucket

7, grooves pillar

Work characteristics were intercepted spiral chute is fine, the tailings at the end of the slot, and the sorting process without flushing water. Spiral groove is the main parts of the device, made of a glass sheet spiral made of steel bolted together. Spiral grooves on the inner surface coated with a wear-resistant lining, usually wear-resistant polyurethane glue or epoxy resin incorporated into an artificial diamond. While pasted spiral groove of the inner surface of the belt body powder containing diabase wear layer. At the top of the spiral grooves watched mine and mine shafts; the lower part of the product and then intercepting mine shafts. The entire apparatus set up vertically with the channel.

Edit this paragraph characteristic folded structure

Spiral Chute absorbed by the splitter to the mine, mine shafts, spiral groove, product interception slot, then six parts ore bucket and slot bracket composition. In Yantai Xinhai spiral chute, for example, by a helical spiral groove piece is composed of the main components. Spiral sheet is made of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), coupled together by bolts. FRP sheet spiral light and sturdy. Its sorting Face with a layer of wear layer, durable. The first end of the slot with a multi-tube to the mine uniform Splitter, ore evenly, easy to control. Evenly divided by ore pulp orange spiral groove slowly to the surface. The end of the spiral groove is provided with valve block type product interception slot, which has been sorted according to grade ore stream into several products. By adjusting the position of the valve block to change the width of the interception of each product. Ore bucket is connected to a concentric annular cylinder, which has been taken by the multi-strand ore stream products were pooled exported.

Cross-section of the spiral grooves cubic parabola. The slope of the curve is particularly suitable for fine particulate material sorting. Spiral chute has a simple structure, no moving parts, is easy to manufacture, light weight, configuration, installation and easy maintenance and other advantages.

Edit this paragraph folded Parameter Summary

Diameter spiral chute handling capacity is mainly determined by the diameter of the spiral chute, proportional to the square of its size and diameter. In order to increase processing capacity while Taiwan, can increase the diameter. When sorting -0.074 mm material, diameter will increase day will reduce recovery. However, if the choice of a suitable pitch, can compensate for this loss to a certain extent. Increasing the diameter increases processing power station, to reduce the difficulties ore distribution. But this does not increase the area of the ancient unit of processing power, and by doing so increase the height of the device. Therefore, in determining the diameter, please consider the above factors. -

In order to successfully pitch the slurry delivery and sorting good condition, you must select the appropriate pitch. Spiral chute pitch size determines the size of the longitudinal inclination to pitch to diameter ratio represented. In sorting, when -0.074 mm material from the smaller diameter than sorting the better the effect. Therefore, under the conditions without prejudice to the smooth transportation of the pulp should be selected from a minimum diameter ratio.

Cross-sectional shape of the cross section is one of the main structural parameters of spiral chute. Selected material particle size is large, you should use a larger horizontal angle β, at this time the flow depth and velocity are larger. On the contrary, the sorting of fine materials, should apply a lateral inclination of smaller cross-section.

Spiral chute laps laps of how much the election will determine the length of the other lines. Number of turns with the nature of the material selected varies, often need to be determined through experiments. 3,5 generally appropriate circle.

Chute for pavement surfacing requirements are: (1) wear (2) formation, (3) wetting, (4) the coefficient of friction. Poor wetting can affect the flow distribution and flow of mineral particles, so the pavement to have a certain wettability. For the relationship between the friction coefficient and the effect of sorting between System not yet made.

Rinse water means no existing domestic spiral chute wash water installations. Add rinse water, to improve the sorting effect, accelerate close to the inner edge of the heavy product moving speed of sound. When sorting hematite, iron fine mineral rate as heavy product is large, often due to excessive concentration of concentrate and move slowly, add flush ice may improve this situation.

Folding Edit this paragraph impact factors

(1) Equipment configuration parameters

Equipment includes structural parameters of spiral chute chute diameter, cross-sectional shape, pitch, spiral chute length and number of turns and the like. Diameter helical groove is device-size marks, proportional to the square of the diameter chute and processing capacity, a size limit recovery increases with increased diameter. When conditions permit, the process should be coarser material with large diameter spiral groove. Sectional shape and size of material handling spiral chute is related to the processing of raw materials is less than 2mm in order to minor axis ratio of 2: 1, the major axis horizontal, half of it is equal to one third of the diameter of the screw appropriate. The size of the pitch is usually expressed with the screw diameter ratio, known as distance-diameter ratio, the value is about 0.73, sorting is better. The length and number of turns of the spiral groove determines the material to run away. Commutative ores can have 3-4 ring of refractory ore need 5-6 laps.

(2) process operating parameters

The main operating parameters refer to the ore volume, ore concentration in the production of tunable parameters. Ore concentration by weight within 10% -35% range for separation indexes little effect on the concentrations were too high or too low mineral recovery will fall. Changes affect its population volume of ore sorting indicators and changes to the ore concentration substantially the same. Generally, the roughing operation to mine the concentration of 30% -40%, selected by 40% -60%, the volume of the production process to the mining and mineral concentration to fluctuate within a range of error requires a suitable value by 5%.

(3) the spiral groove diameter, pitch and number of turns of the helical groove

Increasing the diameter of the screw handling capacity will be greatly increased, but also increased the intensity of the recovery offline. Operating the main controlling factor is the volume of ore and ore concentration. Sorting the coarse fraction when compared to the volume of ore can be larger, the process will have smaller fine fraction. Roughing jobs to the ore concentration than the low concentration of these job selection, such as sorting hematite, the rougher the ore concentration of 30% -40%, while the selection when you need to control 40% -60% as well. In practice, the volume of ore to the ore concentration fluctuations showed no separation within ± 5% range and impact.

Edit this paragraph novel folding chute

Ordinary glass steel spiral chute due to the water flow toward the outer edge expansion results in a rotary motion; close to the inner edge of the laminar flow with constant dehydration phenomenon. Resulting stratification is difficult to effectively increase the amount of ore concentrate quality. I plant to take in the Institute groove grooved surface Add to ways to improve this situation, the effective delivery of the mineral enrichment ratio increased heavy mineral recovery. Chute flow path grooved surface, the particles sink to the bottom of a large proportion of the movement is directed to strengthen the position toward the inside, but also make such a large proportion of particles at the outward movement suffered a comprehensive resistance increases, while the lighter the proportion of small particles floating on top of the heavy particles in motion, less affected by the resistance of the groove, the flow of centrifugal force to the outside faster, so that the separation efficiency of different specific gravities of mineral particles is more obvious, heavy mineral recovery than ordinary chute same model increased by more than 10 percent, close to the dressing effect of the international advanced level.

0.3-0.02 mm particle size for sorting fine particles of iron, tin, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, gold, coal, monazite, rutile, zircon, and having other metals, non-metallic minerals sufficient difference in specific gravity, the metallurgy about the research, design, universities and factories, mines and other units identified by the Ministry, that the device performance, advanced sorting index is determined to promote the use of mass production.

Folding Edit this paragraph installer

1, first check the quality of glass and steel spiral sheet (especially the quality of the work surface), consistent with the size and shape when the requirements before assembly.

2, the coupling bolt holes on the flights are generally determined by the manufacturer with a pre-drilled. As there is no processing factory, you need to press the same drilling template to ensure good interchangeability.

3, with the bolt five laps helical segments coupled to a set of helical grooves, horizontal, within two adjacent surface of the flange joint of a smooth transition prevail, when coupled paying particular attention to the bottom sheet surface not less than the corresponding surface showings. Radial direction. (Width direction) from the outer edge alignment prevail, not allowed by the outer edge of the backsheet, the purpose of this installation is to prevent the occurrence of ore flow splash. When connected at joints, need putty smooth.

4, a good five groups of four (or two, three) spiral groove rotation with distribution into a desired shape would have been coupled.

5, four (three) columns are sequentially mounted on four (or three, two) helical groove, spiral groove with bolts and pillars fixed, and then install the cross (tripod), so that each head screw along all sides cloth, and finally spin a good all bolts, after installation, the flights to maintain the natural shape, without apparent variations.

6, will mine shafts and products interception tank were installed in the spiral groove leading end and a trailing end of the tight coupling to ensure watertight, if any gap required paint seal, to ensure a smooth transition groove surface.

7, ore evenly divided and product gathering bucket and slot bracket does not join, a free place on the stand, the installation should pay attention to put a positive position by FIG. Each of the discharge tube dispenser to respectively aligned with corresponding to the mine shafts.

8, spiral chute basis generally do not need fixed, but on the same level four (three) on the basis of the plane, after installation, to check whether the spiral groove vertical axis vertical, you can add shims to adjust plumb in the column below degree. Spiral chute operating platform to be set at an appropriate height, spiral chute pillars and platforms for an appropriate connection.

When a large number of industrial use, should be configured in groups, with the multi-tube unit dosing sub-ore mine, spiral chute should be continuous rows configuration to save floor space.

Folding Edit this paragraph advantages

Products with a reasonable structure, simple installation, small footprint, simple operation, stable mineral processing, sub-ore clear, large capacity, high efficiency beneficiation enrichment ratio, high recovery rate, reliable operation of the characteristics of having a light weight, moisture, rust, corrosion, and fluctuations in the amount of ore concentration, particle size and grade of adaptability, no noise.

Folding Edit this paragraph Working Process

The spiral chute erected, calibration vertical lines, with wood or metal frame fixed in place by sand pump the ore sent to the two feed screw top mouth, adding additional water to adjust the concentration of the pulp, pulp from natural high down to swirl, to produce a centrifugal force of inertia in the rotation velocity ramp, the specific gravity, particle size, shape differences ore, by the action of gravity and centrifugal force of the cyclone, will be separated from the sand mine and concentrate flows into ore bucket pipe whip, tailings flow into the tailings pond sand bucket pipe received, then sand pump to drain away, to complete the whole process of dressing.

Folding edit this section apply

Chute beneficiation belong ramp flow sorting process. Pulp to give a certain inclined chute 'or on a slant in the flow pushes the mineral particles and loose hierarchical group, the upper light mineral rapidly discharged outside the tank, the lower the heavy minerals remain in the tank or from the lower discharge at low speed, after acess respectively, to obtain the concentrate and tailings.

Chute is the earliest mineral processing equipment. Ancient panning method using selective receiving heavy minerals, the tool used is the original chute. Some coarse sand and placer tin chute chute followed so far are still in use. Mid-19th century there have been mechanical belt drive chute chute and round, non-ferrous metal ore fines became the main sorting equipment. After the emergence of the jigger and shaker, chute so that the application of relatively reduced. But the simple chute with its structure, low production cost advantages of inexpensive, still coarse, medium and fine ore sorting widely used. The 1940s multilayer automatic chute, 50 years appeared sharp contraction chute and 1960s made cone concentrator, shaking bed turn, opened the way for the modernization of the chute. Slime chute has become an effective means of dealing with micro-fine particles of ore.

The main advantage of the chute is a simple device structure, low investment and production costs, coarse, medium grain chute also a higher processing capacity, the disadvantage is low accuracy of sorting, and thus suitable for roughing device. Widely used in tungsten, tin, gold, platinum, iron ore and some rare metals, especially in dealing with the application of more low-grade placer.

Press chute processed ore particle size can be divided into three categories. (1) coarse chute, to mine the maximum particle size of 2 "3 mm or more, up to 100-200 mm, (2) ore chute, 2 to 3 mm grain processing ore, (3) sludge chute; ore particle size less than 0.074 mm.


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