Taking Adequate Care Of Your Dogs

by Andy Coper Expert Writer
Dogs are not known to live long and the average life span of dogs is merely 12 years. However, a little bit of extra care and following the routine care regimes ensure healthy living of your closest pet. You must not excessively feed the dog because it can soon gain weight and that can cause premature arthritis thus endangering the life of your canine pet.  Most of us tend to feed them generously because of sheer affection. It is important to feed nutritiously but it is a strict no to feeding anything extra, especially if you can feel the flab of your dog under his belly. This is a preliminary sign that it has started gaining weight.

Take your dog to walk and let him loose to play in any park that is a bit isolated. Let him run, jump and do things that keep him happy. One of the best exercises is to throw the Frisbee ball and signal the dog to fetch it for you. The only caution is to ensure that the dog is not in to any biting habit and the ball is sufficiently large in size to be swallowed by your canine, else it can create more problems.
You must wash your dog with shampoo and soap so that it does not develop any flea. Even you can sprinkle Cedar chips at the doghouse so that your pet is saved from any sort of flea infestation. If it shows any such sign then you must immediately get suitable treatment.     Make it a point to take the dog for a periodic check up to a veterinarian and you should also ensure that the vaccination regime is strictly followed as suggested by him.  Neopar vaccines for dog are also needed to protect your pet from the dangerous canine parvovirus. Some vaccinations are not complete in one dose so get the vaccination chart from the veterinarian and follow a strict compliance for your pet.

If your pet is hyperactive and has a tendency to frequently slip away from the house then it is important to provide it with dog collar where your name, address and contact details are clearly mentioned. Even if it strays to longer distance then also someone will bring it back. You must also get the dog neutered if it is male and spayed if it is female to ensure they do not react overtly during their heat period.

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