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Weekend Ponderings of the CEO
March 6, 2011 

Over the next several months, tagvillage will begin to take shape and morph into the bigger picture we have been talking about for quite some time. Much of the basic infrastructure is in place now. We hope you are as excited as we are to enter the next few stages of development. Over the next few months, we will introduce Search, Social Networking, and we will continue to enhance the already existing sections of the site.

I have a peculiar vantage point as CEO. From my seat, I get to see the creativity and struggles of the development process. I watch as new ideas unfold, future plans develop, and our talented engineers build, test, and enhance each aspect of the product. I also get to take part in the visions, planning, and implementation of Cause concepts, Social Networking, Search, Tagvertising, various strategies, new theories, and much more. And then, I get to watch as all the various fabrics are sewn together into a wonderful, fantastic quilt.

From this vantage point, I often feel an urge to share this perspective with others. I wish others could see the scope of what we are building. I wish others could share in the creative process. I wish others had as clear a picture as I do of what we have planned "behind the scenes". I wish you all could see the amazing things that are coming down the pipeline. If you could, I bet you would be out there telling everyone you know to join up and get busy!

Yesterday, I was reading a great book about Google. I have been doing a lot of research lately into the minds of creators of such sites as Yahoo!, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is fascinating to see the various points of impact when each of these ingenious individuals was struck with a concept, and idea, a passion that drove them to create globally affective products.

As I was reading, I was reflecting on the creativity, talent and drive within the team here at tagvillage. This train of thought progressed to you, the member. I starting thinking of the various stages the daily member will progress through as they experience tagvillage. And then, I realized something very important. The current members of tagvillage are the most fortunate ones with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to amass wealth!

At this stage in the life of tagvillage, from the member's perspective, this is the ground-floor of a business opportunity. I fully believe we will see very many early members become millionaires, even multi-millionaires by taking advantage of the ground-breaking opportunity in front of them right now. What always strikes me is how easy and readily available this opportunity is, yet how few will realize and capture it.

So, as CEO with a certain "enhanced" vantage point, I feel I have the opportunity to shed some light on the opportunities at hand, and even assist our everyday members to implement a strategy I believe could make many of you millionaires. But, as with all opportunities in life, one must understand the how's and why's and be willing to accept the process.

There are two ways to approach the current tagvillage opportunity. The first is to focus on the immediate returns, and incremental income reality that is developing over the next few weeks. The second approach is what I will call the Millionaire Approach. It focuses on long-term income and the "bigger picture".

The first approach is very concerned with buying/selling Tags, but is more concerned with Activity Points and Weekly Profit Sharing. It places great importance on the weekly income generated from activity. This is a fantastic approach if one is only concerned with adding a small yet constant stream of extra income into their household. It is for the person who already has a primary income source (such as a job) and wants to remain in that position but would like a little extra income. While this is an important approach, and will most likely be the strategy implemented by over 90% of our members, it is not the focus of this letter.

I want to speak here to the visionaries, the members who see the big picture, those of you who wonder if it is possible to become a multi-millionaire with tagvillage. I want to tell those dedicated few of you who have what it takes, YES! It is possible to accomplish this and so much more. However, you MUST stay focused. You must implement a strategy and stick to it. You cannot ebb to and fro weaving in and out of your plan and expect to wind up in the millionaire category. You have to be true to yourself, your mission, and your plan.

If you are one of the members who wants to become a millionaire, then you should already understand the big picture is not about Tag Trading, Activity Points, or Weekly Profit Shares. You already know the big picture is about the ability to amass a HUGE Tag Inventory of highly advertised Tags. You already understand that Activity Points, Weekly Profit Shares, and the small amount you earn when you sell a Tag is simply "reinvestable" fuel to your fire. You understand these small income sources are not the "big picture", but rather tools to propel you to the top of the mountain.

So, what is the key to becoming a tagvillage millionaire? The answer is in two parts: REFERRALS and Tag INVENTORY. These two items are the key to reaching the top of the mountain. A great strategy that focuses on these two aspects simultaneously will result in tremendous wealth. This is how you build a tagvillage business that will give you freedom, provide an amazing future for your family, and allow you to bless those you love with a rich and rewarding life.


Why are referrals so important? Because the single greatest source of reinvestable income is generated by referrals. Remember, I am talking to the long-term thinkers here. The long-term thinker is willing to work daily to build their tagvillage business, however, they realize at some point they don't want to work very hard anymore. They want to relax and enjoy what they built. But, a true multi-millionaire mind understands if they just stop working, eventually their "pile of beans" disappears. Referrals hedge against this in two ways. First, they provide immediate income that you can invest into your Tag Inventory. Second, they provide long-term income you can re-invest to protect your most valuable Tags in your inventory.

Tag Inventory is the most important part of your plan, if you are a long-term thinker. The only way to become a true millionaire with tagvillage is to build a powerful, valuable Tag Inventory. If I was writing your plan, I would tell you to focus on these 2 items: First, I would focus on getting 5 active referrals each week. Second, I would focus on building a Tag Inventory of 10,000 to 20,000 highly advertised Tags. I would implement this strategy and work hard at it every single day for approximately 24 months.

If Donald Trump personally called you on the phone today and said "I guarantee you will never work another day in your life. You will have an amazing daily income and bless your family with a rich rewarding life into several generations if you will just devote 4 hours a day to singing 'Happy Birthday' while standing in the shower". Would you? Would you instantly become a "Happy Birthday" singing monkey?

Would you sing "Happy Birthday" in the shower for four hours every single day for the rest of your life if you knew that was all it took to have wealth beyond any dream? If so, why not devote a measly few hours per day for 24 months into building a Tag Inventory and Referrals Base that will provide the same thing for your family? As CEO, with my particular vantage point, I can assure you that any member who amasses a Tag Inventory of 10,000 to 20,000 good advertisable Tags, and 5-10 active referrals per week should be able to retire and enjoy the riches of life.

I can say this because I see the big picture. I see what is coming. I know that a member with a HUGE Tag Inventory filled with highly advertised Tags will have both equity and income that most millionaires only dream of. Many of our members will focus on the Activity Points and Weekly Profit Shares. But I know there are some of you who see the big picture. I know there are some of you who will join me as we personally pour out million dollar blessings on great Causes. I know there are some of you who will join my family as we sail to exotic destinations. I know there are some of you whose tagvillage business will allow them to join my family as we distribute food to starving children, dig water wells, and distribute life saving medications throughout the world.

I know some of you see the big picture. I just wonder, as I sit here pondering the next several months, who will those members be? Who will rise up and join my family as we change the world? Who will shake my hand as I congratulate them for their dedication to a plan that changed their family's future forever? Will it be you?

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