Standby Power Supply—Most Economic Type of Power Protection Systems

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UPS is the acronym for Uninterrupted Power Supply. It is basically a power backup which is used to keep your electrical devices running in case of power failure. It is an extremely useful device and is placed in between power plug and device to safeguard your device from any sudden and negative feature of power source. Not only UPS provides power support, however it also saves your devices from other problems such as voltage fluctuations, under or over voltage, over heating of appliances and frequency variations. Automatic shutdown of systems due to erratic power behavior is one of the most vital features that these power backup devices cater to. There are various sizes of UPS available and based on the needs one can purchase.

The right size of UPS

At the time of choosing an UPS for your home or office, you must first determine that what all equipment will be in direct association with it. You can find this device in a large variety in terms of wattage to sustain a single computer to the entire building or data center. It depends on the size of the unit that how long your UPS will support the system.
Standby Power Supply or offline UPS

An offline UPS remains ideal until the power goes out and instantly starts and redirects its own battery power to the original source to protect data and keep your critical systems online. It is seen that business can save a lot of money by using this UPS technology because it does not do anything until power actually goes off. The standby power supply includes a battery to maintain power during main line failure. It keeps the computer and electrical devices running for several minutes and also is ultra-quite in nature. It transfers an instantaneous power to the critical devices and computers generally for up to 72 hours. The actual backup time is depended on the size and wattage of the UPS.

Standby power supply systems are generally installed in hospitals, airports, educational institutions, data centers and other industrial sectors. The wattage capacity of this power protection is slightly high to support the load of power consumed by huge machines and also keep them operational all the time. Sensing the rising demand and usage of the UPS systems, the manufacturers are producing these devices with a power range of 400VA to 6 MVA. All you are required to do is to choose a system which can cater your needs in terms of power generation and protection to the electrical appliances in your budget.

Standby power supply or Offline UPS are special kind of UPS that are useful in providing power backup to the devices and are economical for the users.

Uninterruptible Power Supply is a power protection device with a battery supply that provides runtime when the mains fails or fluctuates wildly. Know more information please Click here.

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