Some Tips for Buying Freshwater Aquarium Plants

by Linda Smith Marketing Manager

Aquariums are prepared in such a way that they give fishes, their natural environment to survive and multiply. Their natural habitat has so many things and all of them cannot be brought. Therefore, what sellers try is to arrange all the things that are of paramount importance and aquarium plants are one of them. The reason why they hold such an important place is that they help in maintaining the natural ecosystem. Some other reasons are –

  • They produce oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide and nitrates
  • They help in keeping aquarium clean and healthy
  • Additionally, fishes appreciate the ample natural shelter that they provide

However, just like human beings and our pets, they are also living beings and this means that they too require care to stay healthy. The problem is that at any aquarium shop Australia, you’ll find several varieties of these species. Some are very hard to maintain and some are perfect for those having no knowledge at all. In case, you are at an aquarium shop Australia looking for freshwater aquarium plants, the following tips would help you for sure.

Selecting the right plants

  • The first step of their look after is buying the appropriate ones for your use.
  • Therefore, you need to be assured before buying that they are freshwater plants.
  • This will help them survive even after being submerged completely in water. For example - Echinoderms or Lilaeposis (Sword Plants), Anarchies and Anubis.
  • You need to be aware of the fact that most of them prefer the pH level of 7 to 7.2, but several prefer a more alkaline or acidic environment.
  • The above pointer makes it necessary to check the compatibility with water condition and fishes as some species dig up or even eat them.

Always supply the right substrate

  • Substrate is a name given to the material used for covering the bottom of the aquarium and anchoring the roots.
  • Most of them can thrive well in any kind of substrate, but you provide two to three inches of laterite covered with an inch of gravel.
  • The alternative of keeping them in the pots in which they were sold is always there.
  • However, planting them gives them a more natural look and is beneficial for the roots as well.

Provide the light as per the recommendations of the experts of aquarium shop Australia

  • You must know that without light, they would be able to survive as this happens to be the most important ingredient for their process called, photosynthesis. This process generates energy that they use for growth.
  • The very same process generates oxygen that helps aquatics to survive and therefore, full-spectrum, fluorescent light is a must.
  • You need to ensure that you give them sufficient light for at least 10-12 hours daily.
  • In case, you are using fluorescent lights, you should change the bulbs after every 12 months. 

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