Some tips about the strong points of high hardness ceramic knife

by Jacob Willam SEO Wizard

China - Ceramic knives own advantages of highly wear-resistant, high-density, high hardness, non-metallic rusty, no metallic taste residue on food, thin, sharp and others. These strong points let the ceramic knifes could not be replace by metal tool.

Mohs hardness of Ceramic knife is 9 which should be second to the world¡¯s hardest substance diamond which the Mohs hardness is 10. Therefore, people can simply ensure that the ceramic knife will not fall to the ground or other face with external impacting. There will not any damage to this cutting tool in the process of using. Based on security considerations, manufacturers for ceramic knifes such as generally mixed the materials of ceramic knife with metal powder so that metal detectors can detect ceramic knives.

Although the Ceramic is very sharply, they are not suitable for cooking food which needs to be processed by cutting and chopping. So, in addition to the ingredients harder bones, thick bones, frozen meat and other dishes which are harden enough are not suitable for the application of ceramic steak knife other issues such as vegetables, fruit pulp, sashimi, bamboo shoots, meat , seafood, shellfish-free shell and other non- rigid food can be processed by the ceramic knife.

Because the surface of traditional metal casting knives has numerous pores, so cooking ingredients will remain in these pores during the process of cooking. Furthermore, the metal elements of the metal knife will leave metallic taste or smell during the process of cooking. However, if people adopt the ceramic knife, this problem could be totally avoided as ceramic knife density is quite high so the surface of this knife will not has pores and not to mention the metallic taste or smell.

In addition, the ceramic knife also has very high hardness but it could not bear with the large force hitting. Although today¡¯s manufacturing process has been greatly improved and ceramic knives can withstand certain level of impact, people should also be careful to avoid hitting and large impacting to the knife. On the other hand, the Lido of Ceramic blades is more than ten times of that for the metal knife. It is very sharp so people should pay attention to the safety in the process of using.

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