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Sodium Cyclamate of the sweet and pure,30 times the sweetness of sucrose,while the price of sugar is only 3 times.Because a non-nutritive synthetic sweetener,so patients with diabetes, obesity can be the place of sugar. Sodium Cyclamate unlike the slightly more when the amount of saccharin as bitter as the internationally accepted food additives can be used for soft drinks, juices, ice cream, cakes and preserves food, etc.

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Sodium Cyclamate chemical properties:
Sodium Cyclamate as a white needle-like, flaky crystal or crystalline powder. Odorless. Sweet, E952 dilute the sweetness of sucrose solution 30 times. Sodium Cyclamate sweetness of sucrose 40 to 50 times, for the non-nutritive sweeteners. 10% water solution is neutral (PH value of 6.5), E952 to heat, light, air stable. E952 heated slightly bitter taste. Decomposition temperature about 280 ℃, non-occurrence of banana glycation. E952 decomposition slightly acidic environment, alkaline stability. Soluble in water (1g/5ml) and propylene glycol (1g/5ml), almost insoluble in alcohol, ether, benzene and chloroform. E952 concentration greater than 0.4% with a bitter taste, Sodium Cyclamate dissolved nitrite, sulfite content of the water to produce oil or rubber-like odor.

Sodium Cyclamate use analysis:
Sodium Cyclamate, What a nice name, do not understand the E952 for the people, perhaps too literally, Sodium Cyclamate as sweet as candy? In actual fact, engaged in production for export to Japan food-related enterprises, Sodium Cyclamate not bring "sweet", but "bitter." Sodium cyclamate, its chemical name is sodium cyclamic, E952 is an additive commonly used in food production. Chinese "food additives health standards" (GB2760-1 996 and the addition of species) clearly states, E952 in pickles, sauces, liqueur, cakes, biscuits, bread, ice cream, ice cream, popsicles, drinks used within, Sodium Cyclamate of maximum use of 0.65g/kg; used in preserves, E952 maximum usage of 1.0 g / kg; in tangerine peel, plum, then Lee, the use of dried bayberry, E952 of the maximum amount of 8.0 g / kg.

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