Smoky quartz meaning and properties

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Smoky quartz also called brown quartz , most of the smoky quartz is six prism. As the other crystals, smoky quartz also has the ice crack and mist etc. inclusions. The energy of smoky quartz is deep, steady and grounded. The energy is not strong in the beginning, but with strong staying power.

Smoky quartz divided into 3 types by color: Tea-colored quartz, smoky quartz and black quartz, and sometimes formed opaque black brown quartz. Different shades of smoky quartz color formed because of the various levels of radiation.

Although smoky quartz is a normal crystal, but its healing properties for physical and mental apparently dominates, it deserved to be recognized as a restorative crystal.


Smoky quartz healing properties and uses

1, Smoky quartz healing property in calm down

The energy of smoky quartz is stable, for those who emotional ups and downs, they need a smoky quartz bracelet to stable body energy, Smoky quartz helps give a stable environment, let the wearer give people a sense of security.

2, Smoky quartz property in protect and ward off evil

Smoky quartz is a good amulet, because smoky quartz well absorb the negative energy, especially foul air, disease gas, increase the wearer himself field and keep the around bad fields away. Wear the smoky quartz bracelets in left hand, it can filter the outside foul and disease air.

3, Smoky quartz property in gynecology

Smoky quartz is a stone of root chakra, it helps women regulate energy and blood deficiency, natural smoky quartz also helps women immunity, active body cells, in order to maintain beauty and keep young. It also helps women upgrading their taste.

4, Smoky quartz property for man

As a stone of root chakra, it has good effect on male sexual function. It increases body vitality and helps immunity. The magnetic field of this crystal is good for man sexual organ, it also slow down aging for man.

5, Smoky quartz healing property in promote sleep

Smoky quartz has very steady energy, it aids wearer a restful sleep and to encourage the release of sleep hormones, calm the foul mood of the day, unwind after long hours of work, promote the wearer a solid night’s sleep.

6, Smoky quartz property for business

Smoky quartz helps improve personal response skills, enhance analysis and judgment, keep a well-being mental without over-thinking, clearly implement the ideas, strengthening the action. The resolute and tenacity of smoky quartz helps a successful business. 

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