Sleep well and sweet dreams with a sleeping eye mask

by Bona Notti Shop - Beauty Sleep Eye Mask
Sleep well and sweet dreams with a sleeping eye mask
A dreamer who wants to have nothing but sweet dreams while sleeping would contemplate obtaining a sleeping eye mask. It’s handy and a vital aid with which one would be able to sleep peacefully. The reasons for using sleep masks are as under:

•    To enable balanced circadian rhythms
The reason behind any sort of sleep disorder is due to feelings of tiredness even after having slept well. The disorder is caused by unnatural sources of light interfering and hampering Circadian rhythms that occur naturally. Whatever the source of light; street light that creeps in through the curtain perhaps, or blinking light from electronic devices, or a stream of light from LED alarm clock for example, sleep masks prevent any type of light emitted regardless of source from causing any type of sleep disorder. By wearing a sleep eye mask the reaction of the brain is to convert serotonin the chemical for wakefulness into melatonin the soporific chemical so that a person is in deep sleep quickly leading to protracted periods of vivid dream sleep. Sleeping with a sleep mask throughout the night is rejuvenating.

•    To recall dream frequently
Those who are excited about dreaming are of the opinion that due to the stimulation of the optic nerve when one is awake, chemicals alter in the brain and therefore dream memories while asleep vanish. Hence eye masks for sleeping are ideal as one would be able to wake up and recall their dreams vividly. Conversely if one were to sleep without wearing an eye mask conflicting chemical signals would hinder a dream recall. Hence a dream recall is necessary for a vivid dream. If a person’s dream memory improves with the adoption of a strategy that isn’t complicated at all, it ought to be considered.

•    To wake up in a dream for a reality check
It’s typical of a vivid dreamer to have dreams of waking up in comparison with an average human being who may not have similar dreams. This is an opportunity for a reality check when awake as to whether or not a person was actually using an eye mask to sleep. Oddly enough though, a reality that is often overlooked is that quite a few dreamers who wake up can actually see. Evidently they are blissfully oblivious that they haven’t been wearing their eye masks. Conversely if a person does awaken wearing the eye mask then by removing it one would be   doing a reality check that the eye mask was not taken off from the eyes while asleep. In no time one would get into the habit of wearing an eye mask before sleeping and while asleep to enable vivid dreams.

•    To meditate when its daylight
An eye mask that would aid and abet meditation in broad daylight and would be soothing for the eye sleeping mask fits the bill. Beauty Sleep Eye Masks are priceless. Wearing one meditation without distraction is possible. Moreover wake induced vivid dreams during daylight hours would be a possibility as well.

The purpose of meditation is to attain inner peace and tranquillity. Hence the disquiet surroundings are neither a hindrance nor a deterrent if one is guided by one’s intuition to meditate. Between five and seven in the morning when the sun is up a wake induced vivid dream with a sleep mask would be fruitful. Although daylight is distracting but by wearing a sleep mask one would be able to get back to sleep in no time.

Once it has been decided to incorporate a sleep mask to be able to dream vividly while asleep the next stage of vivid dreaming is selecting a suitable mask. With regard to style everybody is different. Hence in terms of preference it is likely to slightly differ; lighter or heavier, larger or smaller, simple or complicated for example would typically be the choices that one would have to make. One’s favourite and popular sleep masks are those that are in compliance with the universally accepted standards of comfort, quality, effectiveness and durability. Until and unless these minimum standards are met sleep masks aren’t considered worth having as they fail to serve the purpose of putting someone to sleep even under unfavourable circumstances.

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