Skinny Fiber changed my life in 2011

by Cheryl-Ann Porter Entrepreneur

2011 was a huge year for me with a lot of changes occurring. We began the year with our town being under a major flood for all of January over 40% of our town was under water, more than 1/2 the businesses were closed and a lot of the town had no income for the entire month so we started out tough. Roads were cut, Rail lines were cut and our Airport was also under water so we were totally isolated.

February began with the flood waters receding however a phone call saying my mother was dying added additional stress to the situation as my husband was in hospital after emergency surgery, it was tough to leave him to nurse himself through his recovery but having not been home to see Mum for over 5 years we felt I had to go. 10 days away from my husband and son was not easy, I had never been away from them at all and we are a very tight knit family.

March arrived and Richard returned to work, I had returned home totally exhausted after a 10 day beside vigil beside my mothers hospital bed and our son was stressed over having his Mum away for so long but we began resuming normal family life. We were way in debt and behind on bills due to no income for 2 months and our savings being used to say goodbye to Mum.

By April my health had begun deterriorating again as I had suffered from extreme cholesterol and triglyceride levels for over 10 years, I had even had 2 Aneurysms and 3 arterial bypasses because my cholesterol levels could not be controlled no matter how strong a dose of Statin drugs I was on, my blood pressure had also risen as had my blood sugar levels and I was now being diagnosed as Pre-Diabetic. I also had been previously diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, Psoriatic Arthritis, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome and the stress I had put my body under in February was taking it's toll.

A friend stepped in and told me about a new product that was apparently helping to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and with weight loss. Due to my Thyroid issues for over 20 years I had slowly been gaining weight for years and was tipping the scales at 290 pounds. I never expected it to help with my weight as nothing ever had but was desperate to do something about my cholesterol and prevent further arterial issues and more surgeries so since it was 100% natural decided to give it a go. Best decision I ever made.


In May I started on Skinny Fiber, within days my energy levels were greatly increased and my pain levels lower. 3 weeks after commencing taking it, I was off my cholesterol drugs, it had dropped by 25% and my triglycerides by 12% as well as my blood sugar levels and blood pressure returning to normal but the most amazing part of all was that in 3 weeks I had lost 19lbs. This was the first time I had lost any weight in over 20 years.

In June by the time I got to week 8 on Skinny Fiber, my cholesterol and triglycerides were back to normal as well, and I had lost more. By the end of the month I decided that I had to start my own Home Based Business to help the family financially. As I was needed at home for our high dependency son I could not work outside the house so this was the perfect option for us, recommending a product that had done so much good for me.

July I started to see friends also having great results on Skinny Fiber and our team began to grow rapidly.

August my husband decided to leave his job and help me instead, it was a risky decision but one that we have not regretted.

September my weight loss continued, my health was still stable and our business still growing. My PCOS symptoms had dropped so had my Sjogren's Symptoms and my vision started to improve.


October we decided that I should apply for my passport and go to our Inaugural International Convention in Las Vegas in November and meet up with our business partners. This was to be my first trip ever outside of Australia so it was pretty scary doing it all alone, it was tough coming up with the money for me to go let alone all 3 of us but we felt I should do it anyway.

November I flew to Las Vegas for 10 days, this was the second time ever I had spent an extended time away from my husband and son. I was surprised when I was presented with a company award "The Presidential Award for Excellence in Training and Support" I had the time of my life in Las Vegas and met so many wonderful people. Late November I decided to do a trial off the Skinny Fiber to see what would happen as I had lost 90lbs and my cholesterol and blood pressure had been normal for around 6 months now.

Brings us to December, our business is still growing strong, friendships with our team members and business partners are cementing, my weight loss had been maintained even with being off Skinny Fiber for 6 weeks including over Christmas however the cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels had begun to rise again and my energy levels had dropped dramatically as well as my pain levels increasing again, I was feeling unwell. So December 26th I resumed taking my Skinny Fiber, within days I was feeling great again. Skinny Fiber is not curing my medical issues but it is helping to control them. My biggest bonus was stepping on the scale yesterday and discovering I had reached my 2011 weight loss goal I started the year at 290lbs and ended it at 198lbs having finally broken the 200lb barrier for the first time in my adult life and I feel GREAT!!!!

So as I go into 2012 my goal is to help 1000 parents free themselves from the workforce and bring them home to their families so they can have the life we have built for ourselves in 2011. I also am dedicated to helping get the work out about Skinny Fiber as it is helping so many people with Torture-Free Weight Loss and many health improvements. My goal is to reach 175lbs, since I am 5' 8" tall I could not go much lower than that and still be healthy.

So as we start 2012 here in Australia I intend to keep a Journal of my progress, I hope you will enjoy the journey with me. Skinny Fiber and Skinny Body Care have totally changed my life in 2011 and will continue to do so in 2012 and beyond!!!!

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