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Techniques to use Traffic Exchanges Effectively

Understand the different techniques to enhance your earnings online.There are many ways & techniques to use traffic exchange effectively(see below for the best available sites)

Optimizing Traffic Exchange Usage

We are using Traffic exchanges mainly to earn credits & get traffic to our sites. This will be the mentality of all the surfers & no one would be surfing to see what the pages are & never will be interested in knowing the ages

However they can still be an effective resource if used properly so as to market your product or web page. For this you have to keep some things in mind.


Splash Page

Try Not to put out an affiliate page. The average affiliate page has been seen by each surfer 100's if not 1000's of times. Sometimes a hundred times in the same day if they are an active surfer. It will work but not very well. Hence  Prefer Using a splash page.

A splash page is a short &quick loading page which can used to promote your product or web page. The person who is viewing this page is busy trying to earn credits for themselves. They won’t prefer to waste a lot of time reading a large page of text and will most likely just skip over it. However, if you construct it properly,  you can get them to sign up for more information or click through to a long page that they can then read when they are finished earning their credits.

This will give your page a better response..

 Good Branding

The other thing to remember about using traffic exchanges is that they are very effective for branding your product or site. To use traffic effectively people promote themselves along with the campaign. The more you do this the more effective your campaigns will be.

First if you are serious about building a business you need to have some type of web hosting. You want to be promoting you at all times and this is impossible without having some type of web hosting.

To create an effective splash page it should follow this formula. Jon Olson, owner of I Love Hits and editor of Hit Exchange News calls it the ACA formula for splash pages. Attention, Curiosity, Action.


It is important that you  need to catch peoples attention. A good graphic and powerful headline will help you with this. As I told you, the surfers will be  looking to generate credits and if you fail to catch their attention, you won’t be getting  the response you want.


In this area, there should be a short text block that doesn't sell anything however does create a curiosity among the surfers for more information. This will get your prospect where they just want to know more.


After ensuring that the initial two steps are done properly, this becomes Important. If you don't ask people to do something they usually won't so have a very specific action that you want the person to take. Submit your email for more information. Click here. I can't tell you how often I see pages the follow the steps above but never ask for the action. Always, always, always make sure the prospect knows exactly what you want them to do.

Branding Yourself

There are many ways to promote yourself along with the product you are promoting. There are many ways for this like adding your picture, adding contact details or by your own creative ways. By doing this people start to recognize you. This helps in building credibility. By having contact information you also show that you are a legitimate business person. Personally the first thing I do when looking at a product or sales page is see if there is contact information. Legitimate businesses always have real contact information and not just an email address.

In short you will also be known along with what you promote & this gives you some great benefits. This will help you in long run & also if you come up with some new products.

The more often your names or faces are seen by the surfers, the more you benefit from it. Some people just throw up an affiliate page and surf a few thousand page views over a couple of weeks and then realize that this won’t work for them. If they come back after a couple of months & see the same names or faces,  Don't you think they start to wonder what you are doing differently that did not work for them? Aren't they more likely to want to join with someone that has proved to be successful using this resource?

This is one of the reasons that splash pages are recommended so that you can use and brand YOU.


Maintain a Track of Results

The main thing is to discover what is working out and what is not. This  you can concentrate on what is working rather than wasting time with what is not working for you. Different Traffic exchanges will work differently for different people. Every splash page you create won’t be a success. There are some exchanges which will be excellent for you if you are promoting product A, meanwhile doing absolutely nothing for you if you are promoting product B.

Some work great for capturing email addresses and others are better for certain types of programs. Tracking what is working will allow you to tell which are which for what and how you promote.

By tracking the various exchnages first you can find out which exchanges you use are delivering traffic and at what rate. Now if you just love surfing exchange a and surf there everyday for 100 times because you like it and generate 50 hits to your pages earned each day and they only deliver 20 hits a day you will soon have hundreds of hits owed to you. You will quickly see this if you are tracking and despite liking it understand that you really only need to surf there every third day.

Now you find that exchange b which you also surf extensively but delivers all of the traffic you earn as fast as you earn it that is a place that you want to surf each and every day.

Tracking will allow you to see these trends quite quickly so you are not wasting your time.

Your splash pages should also be tracked. It is important to know how many people are actually taking the action that you want as a percentage of views. If people see your page 500 times and nobody is clicking then you know it is not effective and needs to be changed.

Try for more

The main thing to understand is that the internet is a worldwide market. Try everything  you can do so as to keep your page in rotation always.

You can get subscribers or purchasers at any time because it is prime time somewhere in the world. That is one of the reasons that focusing on traffic exchanges that can deliver you the most traffic and best results which can be realized by tracking the results.

Now the key is to surf enough to keep a constant flow of credits being seen. This has been tested and shown to be the most effective way to promote almost any type of page.

So try to have around traffic exchanges so that you can be seen every where  & also can get to know which one works for you better meanwhile getting good amount of credits.

A good surfer will always have more than 10 exchanges in motion so that he can be seen every where so that the time he spends becomes more valuable later.

This will eventually start making your pages more effective meanwhile you can promote different products. So you will stay constant.

Remember whatever you do initially will ripe fruit later.

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