Side effects of FUT hair transplant technique as compared to FUE hair transplant

by Kanika Gupta CEO
Technology has taken over the world. With regular inventions and discoveries, nothing seems impossible. So you’re growing bald, and afraid of how you’ll be perceived in public. You are always stressed, and on the verge of going under depression. Wait! There’s some great news for you. Just shell out some dollars, and you’ll have your hair back. Yes, you read that right. You can painlessly get a hair transplant done, with techniques like FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). But the questions that would arise in your mind is, ‘how safe are they’? or, ‘which technique is better?’. We’ll help to solve your queries, but first, let us introduce the two concepts to you.

FUT Hair Transplant -
This technique is used for people with copious baldness. It is a cheaper and easier method, where the client’s hair is grafted in bands of follicular units, from the back of the head using a strip, and is implanted on the bald areas.

FUE Hair Transplant - This technique is a little complex, and requires a lot of effort, as because every individual follicular unit is plucked out from the donor areas, and implanted to the done areas.

Though the techniques may seem tempting, you should remember, they cause certain side-effects too. But when you compare the aftermath caused by both the methods, FUE Hair Transplant will prove to be more preferable. Let’s see how...

1) Scars- The FUT becomes less desirable, because it leaves lines of scars in the donor areas of the patient. In case of FUE, the scars are minute and appear in the shape of small dots which heals in less than 7 days.

2) Insensitivity- Because the nerves are cut and stitching is involved in the FUT technique, the patients may experience numbness. This doesn’t happen in FUE.

3) Shock loss- Loss of hair in patches from the donor area is more common in case of FUT, due to innumerable surgical procedures. It is lesser in FUE.

4) Healing time- Due to numerous extractions from donor areas in case of FUT, the healing time is more, as compared to FUE where no stitching is involved.

5) Discomfort- Patients experience a lot of discomfort post-surgery in case of FUT,
whereas that is hardly the case in consideration of an FUE procedure.

No doubt FUE Hair Transplant cost is very high and it is a complex technique, but lesser side effects totally make it worth the investment, when compared to the FUT technique that is cheaper and involves a simpler procedure. The most important challenge however, is to find a trustworthy and well qualified surgeon. That is no cakewalk! Do not trust advertisements blindly. Do a good amount of research about the qualifications of the doctor, and know about his failures and achievements. Remember, a hair transplant could either make, or break your life forever!

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