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Some triggers are really expected to shake the market in the coming month. US Federal will take a call on rate change in June. There will be RBI Monetary policy review in June as well. Indian Meteorological Department have disclosed the date for monsoon could be 7th June. These triggers are giving enough optimism for the investors to keep buying the equities. FIIs are still in a buying mood. After the election results, BJP is looking like pushing the majority in the Rajya Sabha this time and will look forward to pass GST Bill. Experts are giving the target for the Nifty could be around 9000-9200 for 2016 and 10000 for 2017. Investors are really gonna enjoy the market in coming two three quarters. 
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#RBI keeps Policy rates Unchanged :: 10 Aug/ 2016

RBI Governor Mr. Raghuram Rajan delivered the policy what had been expected by the street. No change in the policy. Second half selling pressure dragged the market. GST has been welcomed by the Lower House as well.

The much­awaited monetary policy was a non­event today as the governor Raghuram Rajan left repo rate, at which banks borrow money from the Reserve Bank of India, unchanged at 6.5 percent and cash reserve ratio at 4 percent. Mr.Rajan, who announced his last monetary policy today, sees upside risks to the inflation target of 5 percent for March 2017. Much will depend on the benign effects of the monsoon on food prices. The stance of monetary policy remains accommodative and will continue to emphasise the adequate provision of liquidity. Analysts say rising food prices and implementation of 7th Pay commission restricted further rate cut in near
Aug 10th 2016 06:56   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
Tata Securities to close its retail equity broking arm::

#Nivezareview on #TATA #securities news ::

Blame game is on for the company. The street is blaming the company management for the step out. The inability of the management could be the reason thrown by the street and why not, no body is taking the responsibility to answer the question timely. But anyways, company management knows better what business model is and how to run it. It could run with some gap as well.

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Aug 11th 2016 08:15   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
3 Trump Cards Of Celebrity Investors ::
Browsing through the success stories of the famous investors you must have often thought that what are they doing that we aren't? Is it that these elite club members have cracked a success code through which they have succeeded over the years? To put all your queries to rest, let's try to find the similarities in the investment pattern of the celebrity investors.
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Feb 10th 2017 05:32   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
Curious Case Of Stock Investment -
It's a common knowledge that equity investment is one of the most dynamic forms of investment but surprisingly out of our huge population only 2% people invest in stock market. This glaring disparity, in terms of participation, is one of the reasons we call stock investment a curious case.
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Feb 13th 2017 06:19   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
CPI Dips On Food, IIP On DeMo :
CPI inflation could see upside pressures hereon as some benefits from a high-base effect will begin to wear out and as the imported component of inflation nudges up. Also, as the economy is remonetised, some pent-up demand will have returned. The stickiness in core inflation despite continued decline in other parts of the index is a worry since wage-price negotiations based on a sticky core can potentially lift overall inflation.
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Feb 14th 2017 06:45   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
Money is important but is it worth getting obsessed about? ::

Why do people invest? The usual answers would be to secure life after retirement, to ensure good education for kids, in some cases, to afford some indulgences i.e. vacations, luxury cars etc. There are many reasons why people save and invest, more often than not it is to counter the uncertainty of future. So can we all agree that we invest to lead a better and an enjoyable life?

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Feb 15th 2017 05:44   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
US Fed Dragged D-Street -

Global uncertainty with Federal Reserve policy dragged the market down. Sensex lost 183.75 points to 28155.56 Nifty lost 67.6 points to 8724.7 Zeel gained 1.61% to 521.2
Among the top gainers were Infratel by 1.33% to 323.0, ITC by 1.22% to 274.1, TCS by 0.71% to 2423.45, HDFC by 0.69% to 1320.1.

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Feb 16th 2017 05:31   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
Money Management - Shaken Not Stirred -

What is money management? You may say spending responsibly and saving wisely. Though that definition sounds true, it doesn't show the real picture. Money management is not merely paying monthly utility bill and saving the surplus money. The evolved definition of the money management addresses issues like value spending, minimising expenses, monitoring your spendings as well as your investments.

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Feb 27th 2017 05:00   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
Nifty held By Idea And Vodafone Merger -

Stock market opens positive but bears snap the winning streak. The Sensex lost 80.09 points to 28812.88 Nifty 42.8 points to 8896.7 Reliance gained 4.63% to 1237.0
Top Gainers: Aurobindo Pharma by 2.03% to 679.8, Wipro by 1% to 490.95, Coal India by 0.73% to 330.1, Lupin by 0.69% to 1460.05.
Top Losers: Idea Cellular lost 4.72% to 113.95. Axis Bank by 3.61% to 509.1, Power Grid by 3.46% to 192.25, Infratel by 3.07% to 288.75, Zeel by 2.67% to 504.7.

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Feb 28th 2017 05:19   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
Master Investors And Their Master Strokes-

What are the common symbols of investment? Things that are common in all the investment related communications like advertisements, videos, billboards, etc.? Come to think of it, mostly you see a sapling or a banyan tree, right? The reason these symbols are used is to convey the fact that investment is a long term affair. The interpretation one can draw from these symbols is that if one invests regularly one's sapling of investment will turn into a banyan tree. Sounds good, doesn't it? But the fact that people usually undermine is - time. To get the best results of your investment you have to give it plenty of time to grow. Only Long term investment has the potential to create enormous wealth.

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Mar 1st 2017 04:31   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
#Intellect #Design #Arena #Shares Drop As #Rakesh #Jhunjhunwala Sells #Stake -
The shares of Intellect Design Arenare bounded a day after #celebrity #investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala along with his wife Rekha sold their entire 4.20% stakes in the #IT #company for an estimated #amount Rs. 53.08 crore.

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Mar 2nd 2017 06:55   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Picks Up 12.74% Stakes In Mandhana Retail Ventures -

Ace investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala bought 12.74 per cent stake in Mandhana Retail Ventures. Mandhana Retail Ventures has the licences to produce and sell Being Human brand of clothing and fashion accessories owned by Actor Salman Khan.

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Mar 6th 2017 05:06   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
We Need To Discuss The R-Word ::

Think Stock market and the first thing that comes to your mind is - Stock market is risky. Without brushing the "risk-factor" aside let's take it head on. Let's instead of making loose assumptions, try to understand the types of risks and the methods to either neutralise or minimise it. Stock investment is indeed risky, but over the years several potent methods have been devised which have helped investors to safe-guard their interest at the same time secure handsome returns.

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Mar 7th 2017 05:48   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
How Equity Knocks Out Mutual Funds-

Retail equity investment simply means direct investment in stocks. According to the figures available, retail investors hold around 20% value of the total equity market, while MF, also known as institutional investment, hold about 3% value in the market. Stock market is a platform where companies borrow capital from the investors. The shareholders get to directly invest in a company and become a stakeholder of its success or failure.

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Mar 8th 2017 02:00   
Niveza India Advanced  Stock Advisory
The Key Question - How To Find Multibagger Stocks?How to find a multibagger stock? Let’s clear one thing before we move forward. You can’t find multibagger stocks by searching ‘multibagger stock tips’ on google. The process of finding such stocks is not easy. A stock needs to be scrutinised on all the filters of fundamental analysis. From the debt of the company to its EPS and from Q-o-Q growth to Y-o-Y growth all the financial details of the company have to be thoroughly checked and verified in order to get some sense of where the company is heading? After reading the financial statements of the company, expert analysts do get an inkling of where the company may go in the time to come. Mind you, this is a primary analysis, even if the company has healthy fundamentals it's not a guarantee that the stock will become a multibagger stock for next 10 years.

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Dec 12th 2017 07:26   
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