Schizophrenia in children

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Schizophrenia is a common disease in adults but rarely, it is also diagnosed in children. Most experts from various special schools consider it more serious than other disorders as the disease show symptoms that coincide with other disorders and are hard to pinpoint in the first place. Parents may ignore early signs and hence it is more problematic than most diseases. Following is an overview about the disease and its symptoms.

Schizophrenia, a chronic mental disorder found in individuals is rare but possible in children. Children with psychotic conditions from 8 to 18 years of age are often diagnosed with it. It is absolutely rare in children below the age of 5. It is more common in boys than in girls and is a severe ailment that may or may not be cured. The cure even if possible, is only after a long term of treatment. This consumes the formative years of your child’s life so it is essential to send them to mentally challenged schools that educate them to lead their life in harmony with their weaknesses.

The diagnosis of the disease is often difficult at early stages as auditory hallucinations are one of the first symptoms to occur. Children may have trouble relating them or guardians may overlook it as child’s play. Moreover it is often confused with pervasive development disorders, as some symptoms are overlapping. However, some of the symptoms typical of schizophrenia that are most easily recognizable are enlisted. 

·(Auditory Hallucination) The child may complain of hearing of voices (when awake) that are not present in reality, they may talk amongst themselves or directly to the child. These often contain negative messages including that of harming the child.

· (Delusion) the child may have belief in strange or unreal ideas. These are often discarded as a child’s imagination.

·(Disorganized Speech) the child will have trouble in communication.

·(Disorganized behavior) the child may panic, get aggressive, or show severe phobias

·(Catatonic behavior) the child may withdraw to an inside world and may minimize/ stop communication from the outside world. This symptom is often confused with Autism or PDD.

In case your child displays some or all of these symptoms consistently for at least six months, then schizophrenia is highly probable. Contact a doctor and enroll your child in a mentally challenged school as per his instructions. At any rate you are advised not to overlook delusions and hallucinations even if they subside for long periods. It is also likely that if the child is rebuked or you tend to disbelieve him, he may stop complaining but the symptom would still persist.

These are some of the indications that are usually common of schizophrenics. However, the problem with pediatric mental disorders is that the symptoms are quite vague and overlapping. The doctor may postpone precise diagnosis or may change opinion several times. So it is best to enroll your child in a special school and start therapies as soon as a mental trouble is confirmed, as early treatment is vital in such disease.

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