Safety Tips to Follow While Using Skip Bins Adelaide

by Tom Smith Marketing Manager

Australia is popular across the globe for its beautiful beaches and marvelous cricket stadiums, but the same country has managed to gather so defame too. It is criticized for being one of the largest producers of waste per person in the world. According to the statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Standards, this amount of waste per person has grown 5.4 percent annually in the last many years.

Here are some of the most common wastes that we generate on a regular basis.

1.         Food

2.         Aluminum Cans

3.         Plastic

4.         Glass Bottles/Jar

5.         Paper

6.         Metal

If you observe closely, the top 5 are the waste products that we generate domestically and the last is the one that can be generated from homes as well as manufacturing units. This fact supports the claim that household waste contributes to more than half of the garbage received by landfill sites in Australia. The remaining part of the garbage is the mixture of wastes generated from factories, industries, gardens, building rubbles, construction debris, etc.

Tips on reducing the load on local council garbage collection department

Listed below are the steps that you can take to reduce the weight on your local council, if you are a resident of Adelaide.

Hire a skip bin Adelaide for collecting the wastes that are generated in large amounts (non-recyclable wastes such as metal scraps and items).

You can even recycle goods between both bins to ensure proper and complete waste disposal Adelaide.

When you are about to clean rubble or a large area of debris, try to use your personal skip bins for accumulation rather than the public skip bins Adelaide.

Listed below are some safety related tips

If you are considering hiring skip bins, it is important to be aware of the safety related points. These points will ensure that you use them in the best manner and they are safe for use, transportation as well as disposal.

Loading them evenly

It is utterly important to keep them balanced to prevent them from tipping on the truck after they have been picked up.

This is important because without balancing, they could be really dangerous not just for the driver, but also for the vehicles moving close to the truck.

Therefore, rubbish removal experts should place the heaviest things below and lighter thing on the top.  

Avoid crushing the waste

To fill them more, you might get the idea of crushing the already present waste, but experts don’t recommend this at all. This has got several reasons and the most prominent is that you might get injured in the process and therefore, it’s better to leave this task to the staff of landfill sites.

Avoid over-stuffing

This is another recommendation in terms of safety of these skip bins. You need to stuff waste disposal Adelaide into them only to the top. Don’t try to overstuff them as during transportation, that garbage might spill and cause injury to someone.

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