Roses and Marriage

by Prabu love forever

Colour, Colour, which Colour do you choose?

There is something very special about this beautiful, perennial flower with a romantic bloom. This versatile flower has gained an unusual amount of attention nationally. The name rose is derived from French. Roses come in many vivid and pastel colors where each color has a significant meaning associated to it.

Red - Red rose is the classic symbol of love and romance. A single long stemmed red rose is the ultimate form of expressing deep love. Red roses are used in marriage ceremonies, to signify the bond of love and fertility. Red also signifies beauty, respect, courage and passion.

Yellow – Yellow denotes happiness and friendship. Yellow has always been associated with the sun, as it’s an excellent source to cheer people up. Therefore, also treated as a ‘get well’ rose. Yellow also stands for freedom and joy. Yellow roses are usually sent as a message of appreciation and platonic love.

Pink – Pink means, “Thank you”. It also depicts admiration and happiness. A mixed bunch of pink and yellow indicates friendship. If pink is mixed with red, it’s a sign of romance. Pink stands for friendship that is on the verge of love. Therefore, an ideal gift to start a relationship is a pink rose. Dark pink roses symbolize gratitude and appreciation whereas the Light pink roses are associated with gentleness, sympathy and admiration.

White - White stands for purity, reverence, innocence and faith. The white roses are used in marriage ceremonies to portray innocence, as the white wedding dress. Also used at somber times to display reverence, such as a death or funeral. White roses also represent a deep spiritual love.

Orange - Orange represents passion, enthusiasm and desire. It’s considered as a symbol of fascination and energy. Often represents a new romance. Used as an expression of achievement, to congratulate someone.

Blue – Blue is an unusual bloom as it is surely not a natural color, it is grafted.  Therefore, it’s a common saying, “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. Blue conveys mystery and secrecy. It represents the unattainable and impossible. Blue is for someone who holds true fascination for you.

Violet – Violet roses represents ‘love at first sight’. It also represents elegance, enchantment, fantasy and dignity. It’s meant for someone you wish to know better. A violet or lavender bouquet to someone means, “You are beautiful!”.

Green – This rare color represents eternal and spiritual love. It stands for fertility, as its color symbolizes earth, nature, richness and abundance. Also, it signifies self-respect and well-being. Has been a symbol of renewal and re-birth. Therefore, signifies new beginnings and endeavors.

Black – Black color represents tragedy, angst and intense love. It also represents death, curse and hatred. Black rose isn’t really a natural bloom; it’s grafted and not easily available. No surprises for guessing why?!...To read more visit

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